Sponsored Review: Thai Boat Noodle, Bedok Point

thai boat noodles bedok review
How many bowls can you eat?

Who says Golden Mile Complex is the only place you go when you are craving for Thai food? Folks, especially those living in the East/Bedok area, you have another option now. Even if you're not staying in the East, fret not! Thai Boat Noodle is only a stone's throw away from the MRT station.

Thai Boat Noodle offers authentic thai cuisine right in here in our sunny island. Founded by Khum Aum, a Thai-Chinese lady who is very passionate about Thai dishes. Thai Boat Noodles only use the freshest ingredients, most of them are sourced directly from Thailand, prepared by Thai chefs. You will find nothing short of authentic Thai food here in Thai Boat Noodles.

The name of this place says it all - Thai.Boat.Noodles.
The are 4 styles to choose from and they typically cost... $1 or $1.50 maximum. It is very cheap! You can also find many great and decently-priced thai food here.

thai boat noodles bedok point

The open-concept casual dining restaurant can house large groups comfortably (they have longer tables!). Love the bird cage lights and the see-through kitchen design.

thai boat noodle thai milk tea
Thai Milk Tea ($3)

This is quite different from your usual milk tea. You can taste more of the bitterness of the tea and the smoothness of the milk. A drink you cannot miss when you're patronising Thai food chains.

thai boat noodle look choup
Look Choup (8 pieces @ $6.80)

This is actually the first time I tried this. Contrary to common beliefs, this is actually not sweet at all! Or perhaps Thai boat noodles did a good job. I like the yellow bean paste inside (yellow bean paste/red bean paste > peanuts anytime!). The 'skin' of this is quite exotic; I can't figure out what it is made of. Anyone can enlighten me? I'm too lazy to google. :p

thai boat noodle tom yum fried rice
Tom yum fried rice ($7.80)
Tom Yum paste, mixed veg, prawns, cucumber, tomato

The fried rice is very rich and flavourful. I will love it even more if it is more dry. I find it a bit mushy for the Chinese in me. If you're a fan of more soggy fried rice and Tom yum, this is for you. Serving is goof for a person or two to share if you are ordering other dishes.

thai boat noodle crispy chicken skin
Crispy chicken skin ($4.80)
Pieces of chicken skin fried to perfection, seasoned with own secret recipe

Don't be afraid of it! I mean it IS sinful but you undoubtedly can have it once in a blue moon. The chicken skin is surprisingly not too fat/oily. It is super crispy on the outside yet still quite juicy on the inside. It is perfect with awesome Tom yum sauce (secret recipe!) and sweet chili sauce.

thai boat noodle homemade lemongrass
Homemade Lemongrass ($3)

Not a fan of lemongrass so I did not finish this. I cannot appreciate the taste... yet. It will probably go very well with spicy dishes.

And here comes the highlight - THAI BOAT NOODLES.
They come in 4 different variations - soup, dry, spicy, tom yum.

thai boat noodlesoup
Boat Noodles Soup ($1)
Rice noodles, Pork ball, bean sprout, kang kong, pork broth

I thought it was beef+pork broth when I first tasted it, guess I am wrong! 

thai boat noodledry
Boat Noodles Dry ($1)
Rice noodles, pork ball, pork slice, bean spout, kang kong, homemade thai black sauce

spicy thai boat noodle
Spicy Boat Noodles ($1)
Glass noodles, pork ball, minced pork meat, cucumber, onion, tomato, chinese parsley 

It is spicy and sour at the same time. Feels like an appetiser more than a main dish. Very light and refreshing.

tom yum thai boat noodle
Tom Yum Noodles ($1.50)
Rice Noodles, prawn, fish slice, bean sprout, tomato wedge, kang kong, tom yum soup

This is not very spicy, at least to me! Find it pretty good. 

Top them with different condiments (homemade red chili, green chili, fish sauce and sugar and peanuts) provided on the table. Thai boat noodles goes very well with chili (if you can take spicy stuff) and peanuts. My favourites out of the 4 got to be Tom Yum > Dry > Spicy. Thai boat noodles bowls are literally bite-sized so if you want to something to fill your tummy, it is either you order like 5 bowls at a go or you go for other stuff. A little troublesome but on another note, you can try more at a go! Perhaps they can provide a full-sized option to save us some time/trouble. 

thai boat noodle thai pandan jelly
Thai Pandan Jelly (4 pieces @ $5)
Chestnut, coconut milk, pandan jelly

I am really not very picky with food but I don't really appreciate a lot of things made with coconut/coconut milk. Since Michelle likes it, it should be good!

They forgot to serve us the last drink - Homemade Roselle - to try. It's okay!


Anyway, they host Eating Competition once every 3 months.
I thought it is quite interesting to share this with you guys! You can literally eat your way through. 
For the first quarter, the one who can finish the highest number of bowls of Thai noodles in 15 minutes wins. 

All you need to do is eat as many bowls as possible. That.Easy. 
An individual who can eat the most number of bowls that week will move on to the finals and the shortlisted will meet again to compete for the final round in the last week. The prize for this round is a brand new iPhone 6! 

Find out more from the staff there or check their Facebook page.


Overall, this is the place you can consider if you are looking for affordable, authentic thai food. It is a good place to have lunch or dinner in Singapore; it is crowded but not too packed. I would love to try their pad thai, mango sticky rice and mookata one day. Till then~

Thai Boat Noodle, Bedok Point

799 New Changi Road, Bedok Point
#02-32/34 Singapore 467351
Contact no.: 6445 9932
Opening Hours: 11:30AM to 10PM
Last Order: 9:15PM
Nearest MRT: Bedok

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Thank you @ thai boat noodle for hosting us. Met a bunch of really welcoming and friendly people. All opinions are nonetheless, unbiased.