February Favourites 2015

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Feb favourites 2015

1. Optrex Eye Lotion with Eye Bath

This is my life saviour. It instantly soothes my itchy eye and refreshes them. Lit should be a necessity for people who put on eye make up or contact lens. I used both so I can't live without it. It is important to remove your eye make up well - no one likes eye infections right! My eyes feel so clean and comfortable.

$9(110 mL)/$11.90 (300 mL), Watsons, Guardian or local pharmacies

2. Tteokboki snack

The more I try, the more I love! This is often recommended in many "What to buy in Korea/Must buy in Korea". However, it is surprisingly cheaper here than it is in Korea. I usually got mine from Shine Korean Supermart located in Far East Plaza (FEP). So... I would say if you do not have the space, skip it.

$2.30 for a big pack iirc, Shine Korean Mart,
There are other Korean marts around but I don't know how it cost there. Some Korean marts are more expensive than others.

3. Essentials Treatment Mask

Been trying out so many other masks but none, or at least the few I have tried, works as well as my old love. Almost forgot how good it can make my hair feel.

$6.90, Local pharmacies or supermarkets

4. llaollao

Surprise surprise. I fell in love with it the moment I tried white chocolate sauce... because it tastes like condensed milk~ My favourite combination involves banana and muesli with chocolate crunch.

Find it pretty affordable (i.e. if you compare to other yogurts).

$5.90 (NTU)/$6.50 (outside) for Sanum, llaollao outlets
Includes yogurt, 2 crunch, 3 fruits and 1 sauce.

5. Pitu, Overdrive (iPhone apps)

Pitu is a super amazing editing app. It can edit everything, even double eyelids and eyeliners. You know some apps are so bad with the alignments/you end up looking very weird but Pitu does a fairly wonderful job.

pi tu iphone

This was the first photo I P-ed. Can even change hair colour LOL.

Other photos, realised it can do before-after too.

Skin, face shape

This is one of the beauty/photo editing app I highly recommend. It's free too!

I believe Overdrive(not in photograph) is linked to your NLB account. I download my audio books there! Been loving audio books because I can listen to them when I have no hands to read/when I am walking home.

There are many ebooks too; I need to check them out soon! Been reading Quiet by Susan Cain for nearly 8 months or so haha! This PDF version is great on iPhone - the words are large enough to read! (I saved it in my iBooks).

Available on iPhone, FREE.

6. Biore Cleansing Cotton Sheets

It is so convenient and easy to remove make up with this wipe. I find myself reaching for this quite frequently nowadays, especially on light make up days. I don't wear a lot of stuff recently (BB cushion, eyebrow, lip balm) so Biore cleansing wipes is perfect.

You can read the review!

$17.90 (Regular tub), $15.60 (refill pack), $3.90 (Handy pack), local pharmacies, supermarkets

7. Cybercolors Rose & Chamomile Cleansing Oil

Takes off everything, including my mascara! Gentle but very effective and no outbreak from this product yet. The extra cute collection (Fifi Lapin) definitely added some bonus points. You will probably see a full review on this next week or so ^^

$49.90 (300mL), Sasa stores

8. Etude House My Lash Serum

I should probably chuck this in my all-time-favourites because I love it ^^ Check out the results/review on Etude House My Lash Serum, no joke. It lengthens and thickens my lashes so much!

$11.90, Etude House outlets

9. Etude House Precious Minerals Bright Fit BB Cream N02

This is one of my favourite BB creams. Been neglecting it, just like my Essential Hair Treatment, for quite some time due to all the new products I am trying now. Good to rediscover it once again. It gives the perfect polished finish look and you can work the product in using your fingers, a brush or sponge. It lasted the longest when I use a brush though.

If you wish to see how it looks like when blended using fingers, you can see this post.

$??, Etude House Outlets
Price to be updated again haha.

A lot of not new products but old love. Nonetheless, they are still amazing.
I hope I manage to try more this month! Sorry for the late Feb favourites!