Delayed sorrow

For the past week, I avoided reading the posts shared by many on the Internet, especially Twitter and Facebook.

I took longer walks home, or to anywhere else actually. I lost my temper, I stayed up late, I packed my time, I slept a lot more to hide the sadness I feel. I do not want to face it. I never liked facing sadness. It consumes me.

But today I did. And I teared up a couple of times for someone I have never once met in my life.

I saw his hard work, commitment and faith. I saw how we bonded as whole, I saw the glimpse of sadness on the crowd queuing to pen their last thank you for him. I saw how serious and sincere everyone looked when they were writing it.

I saw you in all of us.

I don't really like to share too much of my emotions here, or anywhere, but I need to get these thoughts off my chest.

I will be back soon enough. X

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