2015 Sunday Weekly Bites #9, #10

I am recharged after resting for half a day yesterday. First Hell week is over!

Mon - thurs were just shuffling between school, home and library. Last minute cramming isn't that great.

27/2/2015, Friday

Was a little more exciting. After the last paper, I went to ktph for my check up. Hope everything is fine!!

Headed to Saizeriya, Bukit Timah Plaza for my mum's birthday dinner. Was craving for the spinach mushroom pasta thing but it's not on the menu! That's like my favourite from that place :(

I don't think the food is worth mentioning. Quite value for money but that's pretty much it.

Bought icecream to try after that. All the fats yo.

Came home to work as a family (lol how sad) before cutting the cake!

Blueberry yogurt cake ($28), Four Leaves

It is surprisingly good!


#9 was written last week but it sat in my draft folder for a week hmm.

#10 was recess week. Did quite a bit of things except studying. Running errands, work, clear blog posts, finished an anime (Psycho-pass!)

5/3/2015, Thursday

School for some resume/interview talk. The whole graduating thing is real. Drove the girls to Turf City for dinner. Settled for Scrumptious and Latte e Miele.

Carbonara ($14 I think!) 

It is thick but you will not feel sick eating it. Serving size is quite small but the spag expanded after downing two cups of water haha. Added some cheese to it and it tasted so creamy and good.

Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Cookies and Cream ($8.80)
Try the chocolate, it is quite good. Cookie and cream tasted like soaked cereals, not my type of thing.

Chocolate Lava Cake

Lava cake was mediocre.

That's about it!