Review: TheFaceShop Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel

TheFaceShop Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel

TheFaceShop Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel

  What: Eye gel
Consistency: Gel
Great for: Depuffing, lifting
Size: 25 ml
Made in: Korea
Price: $25.90
Where to get: Faceshop outlets 

Star ingredients:

Caffeine - deswell eye area 
Raspberry Roots extracts - strengthen elastin fibres in dermis


Not stated


- Provides instant cooling+ refreshment
- Instant lifts, re-contour
-Soothes and relaxes skin

How I used it:

1. Apply a pea size amount around both eyes
2. Gently tap/massage a bit


Raspberry root eye gel comes in a squeeze tube with a fine tip. It is very easy to control the amount I want to dispense for each use. 

Stars: ★★★★★


At a price of $25.90 you will get  25 ml of product. Each time you only need a pea size for both your eyes. This tiny sample lasted me for so long. 

Stars: ★★★★★


I don't think there is that much scent in the first place to comment on. I do not smell it at all unless I deliberately sniff the gel. Not like it is anything bad or what~

Stars: ★★★★★


the face shop raspberry roots depuffing eye gel

It feels light on the skin, absorbs easily and does not leave a sticky feeling.

Stars: ★★★★★


The mosturising effect is nothing extraordinary. Sometimes I find it not sufficient, especially when I am using a more drying concealer around my eye area. It does not cause milia seeds around my eye area so I am all good. 

Stars: ★★★★


It does what it promises to do - depuff the eye area - effectively. This is what I like to use when my eyes are swollen. It works well for both undereye and around the eyes. My swollen eye bags looked better after I started incorporating the face shop raspberry eye gel in my regime. It also help deswell my upper eyelids. Yea my upper lids (double eyelid area) will be puffy if I did not get enough sleep. It emphasises my double eyelids but I looked like I just cried or something. 

the face shop depuffing eye gelthe face shop depuffing eye gel

Left: Before (swollen eyelids) | Right: After

Stars: ★★★★★

Dark circles

Sadly I did not see much improvement in my dark circles. Still as bad as normal. 

Stars: ★☆☆☆☆

The verdict:

I am happy it did what it is supposed to. It is a instant perk me up when I didn't get enough rest. I've been having less than 5h of sleep amost daily this two months and this has really helped me look.. Ok. It is a pity it doesn't improve my eye circles significantly. If you are looking for something to deswell your eyes, do check this out. There is a reason why raspberry roots series sold a million pieces!


- Deswell eyes/did what it promised
- Easily absorbed
- Non-sticky
- Good packaging


- did not improve my dark circles
- Not as moisturising as I like it to be

Rating: 9/10
Repurchase: Probably not as swollen eyes are not my main concern most of the time. 

Product is a deluxe sample included in the little gift set from TheFaceShop Raspberry Roots 1st Million Anniversary. All opinions are of my own.