Hair: Cut, Colour, Treatment @ Jantzen, City Square Johor Bahru

Good hair salons in Singapore often come with a hefty price tag. Hence, more and more people are heading to Johor Bahru, especially with our strong exchange rate and close proximity.

There are a ton of hair salons in KSL City. However, we decided to try one from City Square JB because I don't feel secure travelling too far on our own. Don't worry! It is generally safe! Just be vigilant and take care of your belongings etc.

Jeric Salon Jb
Jantzen Salon JB x JJoyis

Walked around a bit before handing my hair, and heart, to Jantzen, JB.
It is probably one of the cheapest salons in City Square JB. I checked with another salon and the package was way out of my budget.

The package I took comprises of cut, dye and treatment.
Environment is comfy and clean; though I almost slipped because they didn't clear up the cut hair immediately.

Got a cup of hot tea and some magazines when I settled down in my seat.

My stylist was Kenneth. He didn't initiate much conversation, which is great btw. I wasn't in the mood to talk much that day.

I got my waist long hair cut to bra strap length. He is quite attentive and did a good job shaping my hair. I got a curved cut, thinned at the ends but it still looked really nice and thick.

Photos! But please pardon my messy hair!

jeric salon jb malaysia haircut

The cut works well with my natural hair (since I cut away all my perm!) and my ends fall nicely curled in. It is not super obvious but I still like it.

jeric salon jb malaysia haircut
Tied up

Kenneth is one of the most gentle stylists I have ever met. I've horrible experiences with many as they tend to tuck and pull my hair so hard.
He on the other hand was comparatively gentle when he tried to untangle the mess on my head (LOL), and also while he blow-dry, cut and wash. No massage during wash anyway.

However, he did not manage to give me the fringe I want. It's okay! Ever since I got the bowl cut fringe from Monsoon, nothing surprises me anymore. Except maybe if someone snip all my fringe away.

Also, I expected him to trim again after colouring but he didn't. I did not ask because he had another customer waiting for him. I like how my hair looks but I wanted something shorter. He did not drop me halfway despite someone was waiting. Instead, he asked the person to wait and finished my hair completely on his own (another stylist briefly helped me blow dry my hair).

Another thing I want to point out is that Kenneth was the one who applied the colour for me. Many places will just ask the juniors or assistants to do it you know. Well, I am not sure what his position is there but I am glad he handled my hair like 95% of the time. I panic a little when someone without prior knowledge touches my hair. Appreciate the personal touch and service!

This is the colour he mixed for me. My sis said it's brown red under certain lighting but it just look brown to me. At least it's visible enough so I'm fine.

jeric salon johor bahru colour
Taken last week. 

Took more yesterday and I find the colour more true in this batch!

Jeric salon hair colour review

Colour is very even and it didn't change much after washing.

My hair still feels smooth after all the chemical treatment, doesn't feel frizzy as well. I find the condition of my hair really great #whatsorceryisthis There were more flyaway but I managed to tame them after adding a new conditioner in my haircare routine.

hair condition after dyeing
Condition after colouring

hair condition after colouring

hair colour ends
The ends are decent too!

My whole package cost me RM 255. It worked out to be around SGD$100. Considering the fact that my hair is long (bra strap) and I went to a pretty reputable place, it is really affordable. A cut, dye and treatment will probably set me back 200+ or more in Singapore.

I'm not sure when, or whether there'd be, new year's surcharge will start so check with the salon itself if you're interested!

My current Haircare routine:
Essential light volumising shampoo/dove nourishing care shampoo
Miss en scene treatment
L'oreal sulphate-free conditioner
Liese argan oil/natural Republic aloe Vera gel/Essential hair sleeping mask

The only thing I've added is the sulphate-free colour protect conditioner, which happens to be one of my Jan favourites~

Everything is great and I like my new look very much. The only sad thing is.... my hair is growing too quickly! Less than 1 month and I can see black roots already?!

And my scalp looks kind of gross eh. 

Anyway if you're looking for a cheap and good place to fix your mane, consider Jantzen salon in City Square JB. Or if you have any other good hair salons in Johor Bahru to recommend, comment down below ^^