2015 Sunday Weekly Bites #8

CNY is more busy than I expected - did more house visiting and whatsnot this year. Still trying my best to clear whatever school work I need to do so let me write a quick one.

17/2/2015, Tuesday

Went for my appointment with the dentist, got my teeth cleaned and got a referral letter for my wisdom tooth surgery.

Will do a separate post about this once I see my surgeon.

18/2/2015, Wednesday

Went to school for 1 hour tutorial before heading back to JB for reunion dinner. Crazy ~3 hours of jam sigh. Went to check the house (which is quite nice) and visited my second aunt.

Dropped by a temple to pray before coming back to Singapore.
oovoo with sm and lt till 4am or so. Dead after that.

19/2/2015, Thursday

CNY day 1. Hop around many houses today.

20/2/2015, Friday

Crossed over to JB early in the morning. Slept till lunch time, had lunch, relatives came over, tons of kids and all, played with Jun Jun and Hong Hong, watched some fireworks, had steamboat dinner, stuck in traffic for an hour or so, back home.


jjoyis family
Stripes for 2015

21/2/2015, Saturday

Gave myself a little more rest because I was sleeping at around 3-4am the past few days + waking up early in the morning. Studied my ass off and I am not even near the end. Why they don't put it before CNY? I can't even enjoy my New Year.

Anyhow, watched TWD ep 9 and the quality is so bad. I don't know what I am watching?
(My very pathetic entertainment, please don't).

22/2/2015, Sunday

Studied. Information please stay in my brain. Had steamboat dinner and ended up feeling sick and nauseas for the rest of the night fml. Feels like that time in Busan.

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