2015 Sunday Weekly Bites #7

This week is slightly more interesting than any others. Fell a little sick on Tuesday (after all the crazy schedules and not enough rest), went for a food tasting and a workout trial, coincidentally found a nearby Korean school, got zero for lab behaviour after slogging my guts out thanks to whoever who tossed needles in the wrong bin and acted as a saikang for yq and sw.

I need to get my projects out of the way first, clear my 40 hours worth of online lectures, don't ask me what have I been doing, settle my lessons stuff asap! I hope I can schedule AT LEAST a post everyday during CNY period because it gets pretty boring sitting around right? :)

From SW

thai boat noodles
Tom Yum Noodles, Thai Boat Noodles 

Lang Leav

Song I like this week: 

錯愛 - 莊心妍