2015 Sunday Weekly Bites #6

First hectic week over! There are more to come; I just pray for everything to be well. 

2/2/2015, Monday

Shimei's day ^^ I guess this year is the year we are really burned out. In fact, I kinda don't feel like celebrating my birthday. Not excited for others' as well. What's wrong with me? #tootired


Back to yoga after a while! I definitely miss challenging myself! Butz, I shall spare my body for a couple of lessons. I've more fats than muscles right now LOL.

natural froyo

Oh tried natural froyo from KFC! Not bad eh, though passion fruit one is more light and refreshing.

4/2/2015, Wednesday

Test :o and met my group mates for one of the mods. I am kind of disappointed because we can do the discussion online. Sigh I guess I am deprived of social life. Don't think I meet anyone new since the start of this year!

This might sound weird, especially from an introvert like me wheee~

5/2/2015, Thursday

Lab day. Got a ridiculously high yield but I think there's something wrong? :(
Thought my luck got better since I found something I've left outside for a week but no LOL.

6/2/2015, Friday 

Test again yo. Then work, which is enjoyable with C & V. I am such a lousy friend - how can I forgot her birthday!! I can't even.. :(

*drastic change of emotions*

Met the girls for dinner at Koh Grill and Sushi Bar for.. SHIOK MAKI~

koh grill and sushi bar

Ugly photo but it is really really really good

Still prefer Shiok Maki Ver 1 (unagi!)

And I was feeling Friday so I went a little more fancy with eyeshadow. Okay the truth is I overslept for my first lesson. Well it was.. raining. Too good.

red brown eye makeup
Used red shadow and contoured with a matt brown eyeshadow. 
When you blend both together gives a plum tone. Super love. 

7/2/2015, Saturday

After my lessons I went to meet XJ for a day out! Probably the first time I meet her for shopping, or just a day out. Combed Orchard and Bugis to search for her no shirts. So tired that day but it was enjoyable. :) 

honeymoon dessert
Honeymoon Desserts, Bugis Junction

Had dinner before heading to Honeymoon Desserts for desserts. It was pretty decent but the service from one of the staff is super awesome! Very very attentive, friendly and he even pushed the chair in for me when I sat down. #firstclassservice

It was totally out of my expectations. It was a really pleasant experience. 
I highly recommend you to visit the branch at Bugis Junction if you want some desserts from Honeymoon Desserts. 

It is not even Sunday now, sorry! I had too many things to settle before I can check my blog and mail. Thanks for being so patient with me! I hate to say this but I have too much on my plate now. I guess I have to get a bigger 'plate' in order to balance everything :p I didn't even have time to catch my Korean dramas (currently watching Healer! Very nice!). 

Off to clear emails and posts! Sleep? that is a luxury today. 

Anyhoo! Music for the week:

 Outside - Calvin Harris ft Ellie Goulding