2015 Sunday Weekly Bites #5

So I had to change back to the classical template because I accidentally locked my own site and I thought I screwed up the codes. And I didn't back up my previous one.
:( After all the time spent on that sigh pie.

I guess I will roll around with this for the time being. Will probably work on a new design after this semester.

This semester is crazily packed - it is probably the worst in my whole entire life. I have so many random commitments, projects and lots of school work. I ought to sit down and bridge any gap I have before my 'ang bao' right after Chinese New Year.

26/1/2015, Monday

Tried the famous Yishun steamed chicken rice, KFC passion fruit froyo and new cheese MSG powder from Mac that day before watching Parasyte.

Which is good eh! I went on to catch the anime. #otakuinthemaking?
So sick waiting for the next ep (I don't even know when it releases and I don't bother checking too). I shall be patient since it is really a decent and interesting show.

28/1/2015, Wednesday

Made a mistake and went to school an hour early. Ended up in the wrong class LOL. I guess things like that happen once in a while.

29/1/2015, Thursday

Bad luck jl in lab again sigh. A part of my apparatus got 'stolen'. Okay maybe someone took it without knowing. I shall hunt for it again during my next lab session.

30/1/2015, Friday

Attended my first career fair ever. Well, it means, time to start planning for my future. I roughly have an idea where I want to be but the route between now and my dream is pitch-black. It'll all work out somehow, someday. I will keep the faith.

I should probably think about how I ought to spend my 3 months break meaningfully and where I want to intern at.

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