Welcome JJOYIS

Hi! I have done a whole chunk of explaining here so I shall not bore you again with the same thing.
Welcome my dearest people. I am 80% happy with this site and design!

I modified it using Veetheme template. (Link below). I screwed up most of the scripts but well you can't see that so yup.

I am still linking up/reuploading most of my photos. A lot of links are broken so please bear with me.

I am so pleased with how jjoyis turned out. Everything is great except my face now looks so huge because the photos are so big LOL.

Welcome once again!

Please note the change in email address and social media ID. Most of them are now jjoyis. And you can reach me at talktojjoyis[at]gmail[dotcom].
Jielinnnx33@hotmail was compromised :(