January Favourites 2015

oats, natural republic aloe vera gel, etude house eyebrow pencil, palmolive aroma therapy sensual body wash, loreal ever pure sulfate free conditioner

Okay let me try to get this going. Favourite posts is something I always wanted to do but I am too lazy to. 2015 is a year of change yup so here's my first attempt. This are what I have been enjoying in the first month of 2015.

1. Quaker Oats Squares

My current favourite cereal. Or food. It tastes super good with or without milk! I snack on this when I am bored lol.

 $6.60, Cold Storage/NTUC Fairprice

2. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel 

I've been reaching for this so much this couple of months. It is good on its own and works well for both my skin and hair. My skin feels good despite sleeping late all the time.

4,000 KRW, Korea.
A lot of online platforms or toiletries store stock this and it is more affordable to get it from there.

3. Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil (#1 Black Brown)

If I have to name my top pet-peeve, it'd be unmatched eyebrows. I cannot stand dark brows with light hair. Dyed my hair recently and for the first time it looks well, coloured. I have been using this for really long, even way before I got my hair this brown. I wasn't particularly impressed then because it used to be too light for my hair. Now..? I don't step out of my house without it. Really easy to use and it stays on for a long time.

$5.90, Etude House outlets

4. Palmolive Aroma Therapy Sensual 

I used to hate this at first (because of the exotic smell) but I had to finish this before you know, buying another one. This is my rule for body wash, for some odd reason it does not apply to many other things I use. I reach for this a lot in the morning as it is in a gel form, which feels refreshing for morning use. After going through 1 bottle. I had two in the bathroom I don't know why, I find myself enjoying the scent a lot more. I am guessing sensual smells like this hahaa! Quite different from the typical sweet, fresh, floral scents.

$2 for travel size iirc

 5. Woonjin Morning Rice Drink 

Some told me it tasted like soya milk, some told me it smelled like chocolate. I don't know; all I know is it is good imo! If I have to describe it, it is sweet, somewhat like soya milk but more watered down. There is a burnt aftertaste too.

$1.80/$3.90, Got it during a Korean fair organised by Cold Storage.

6. L'oreal Ever Pure Sulfate-free Conditioner 

New addition to my hair care routine. I am determined to keep my hair colour for as long as I can. I like the smell of this conditioner and how my hair feels after washing it off. It keeps my hair soft and smooth as well!

$15.90? $16.90? Watsons
I honestly can't remember how much this cost because I bought it nearly 1 year ago LOL. 7. The Face

7. Shop Black Label Lipstick #7 Grace Pink

  the face shop black label lipstick swatch

This is the my-lips-but-better colour hence it is so prefect for school. I carry this around in my school bag. The colour is nice and very natural. It is pigmented and not too drying. I have a full review on The Face Shop Black Label Lipsticks (#7 Grace Pink) so check it out if you're interested. ^^ Included two others from the same collection in the review as well.

$12.90, The Face Shop Singapore

8. Airdrop

This is mad random but I am in love with airdrop! Why did I take so long to discover this? I take a lot of my photos via my phone now because transferring them is a breeze~ Okay I should probably include mac here too because I don't think you can airdrop to windows? Correct me if I am wrong; I am not very tech savvy if you can't tell.

That's all for January's favourites!