2015 Sunday Weekly Bites #4

2 weeks into school and it's time to pick up. Had enough time and chance to adjust into possibly my second last studying semester in my life... unless I further my studies.

I shall skip the boring school stuff and here's the more interesting bits!

19/1/2015, Monday

Celebrated YQ birthday. Super belated but glad you liked it ^^ It's just too funny. 
Dinner at Real Food (which I wrote about a couple of days back) and ice-cream at Baskin Robins. Forgot to take a groupfie sadly. 

22/1/2015, Thursday

Back to synthesis lab after a year and I'm so.. noob at it. Broke a MSD tube (aka expensive piece of glass fml). Yea, out of everything. Felt really depressed because 1. my grades 2. my stupidity but the chemist girls cheered me up with just a few words. 

All of you once again showed me the importance of perspective as well as the priceless comfort friends can provide. <3

It made me think a lot - from my decisions, my thinking and my way of doing things. 

If you are having a bad day, shift your energy to something good. 

23/1/2015, Friday

Reflection of the day:
1. I need to do something to make it happen
2. Cheer someone up if I can
3. I am glad I have great students. Really want them to do well. 

25/1/205, Sunday

Reflection of the day:
1. I don't have the courage to face challenges because I am scared of failure. It is such an embarrasing thing to say but this is my first step to overcome it. 
2. I give myself too many excuses. 

Made tteokboki, cheese ramen and sliced some korean strawberries for my fruit salad. Korean food, I loveeee.

You can buy them from cold storage/NTUC!