2015 Sunday Weekly Bites #2, #3

It's been a while! I spent my #2 week of 2015 going out, meeting friends, watching dramas - basically enjoying the last bit of my holiday.

#3 was the first week of school. It will be a really busy semester for me. School, tutorials, 'reflections' every single week, weekly lab reports, tuitions and work. Nonetheless, I am planning to pop by more often (after stopping for quite a while sorry!).

I am done with Pinocchio so I don't have anything to distract me now. Okay la I went to stalk Lee Jong Suk on every possible platform. He is enough to distract me LOL.

Hehe *fangirl mode on*

Time to clear my online lectures. Yes it piled up just after the first schooling week. See all of you again tomorrow! I maxed my posting quota today.