2015 Sunday Weekly Bites #1

Hey don't worry SOTW is staying. I just couldn't find time to sit down and blog properly this few days.

There is so far nothing super interesting. I shuffled between work, lessons and meeting my friends.
Been waking up pretty early this few days despite sleeping really late. No choice I have to much to do. Cooked dobboki just now because I miss Korean food. Tasted pretty good for an instant meal.

My last week of 'holiday' is packed to the brim and I cringe every time I look at my planner. It is horrible yet enjoyable at the same time - so don't mind me.

I need to clear my last year's burden and I hate it so much. Later.
Nursing my cramp right now while waiting for my hair to dry completely.

So here you have it; my first Sunday Weekly Bites of 2015.
I want to take pictures too but my phone is too full. Will transfer my stuff to the new one, soon.