Tutorial: Christmas Tree Nails

Okay guys, I tried LOL.

My hands aren't nimble at all and I will most probably fail nail art if there is such a course. 
You can totally tell by looking at my stumpy fingers. Pardon my wrinkly hands too! 

christmas nails

What you need?

Beadstreet star nail polish (Might not be selling anymore!) 
Base coat (I did not use in this case)
Calar top coat
Black nail polish 
Innisfree #45

*I can't find my black polish so I used O.P.I. Eiffel for this colour*



1. Apply a base coat if you wish to.

2. Apply 1-2 layers of Innisfree #45 to give the snowy base.

3. Use a bobbypin (or dotting tool if you have) and draw a straight line on the top of your nails. Using the brush directly will create a line too thick for my liking. 

4. Draw the xmas tree by making swirls, narrow to thick. Use a toothpick to create a more precise and thin line. 

If you do it well, it will look something like this:

SS it a year ago; will link it up if I find it on Pinterest again!

4. Choose a star from the star polish and stick it to the top of the 'tree'.

5. Seal everything with a top coat.

christmas tree nails

If your 'tree' is worse than mine, highly unlikely though, colour it like the one on my left finger. 

And tell people it is the silhouette of a xmas tree LOL. 

I should just leave the nails bare ; | Please be nice I promise I will practice more!! 
Anyway, please do better than I did! 

~ 17 days to Christmas ~