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A while back Gin brought me along for the New Year food tasting at Gu Ma Jia!

gu ma jia
Gu Ma Jia Food Pot (姑妈家)
Gu Ma Jia
45 Tai Thong Crescent
Sennett Estate
Singapore 347866
Nearest MRT: Potong Pasir Station
Operating Hours:
11am - 3.30 pm, 5.30pm - 10 pm (Mon to Fri)
Contact: 6285 2023
Sitting: Family, large groups

ginevi joyishappy

If you are looking for a place for some family bonding over food, look no further. Gu Ma Jia is a two-storey cozy restaurant. It can house many large groups at a time without feeling too overcrowded.

I am super glad to learn about this place because it is really difficult to find yummy and affordable Chinese food in Singapore to bring my family to (Chinese yo). They will love this place, especially my Dad!

And look at their 'wall of fame'! So many well-known celebrities were here before.

gu ma jia

gu ma jia

Gu Ma Jia advocates healthy eating, just like your home-cooked meals. They cut down on unwanted condiments and eliminated MSG without compromising taste. Ingredients are fresh as they are handpicked daily from the market. Furthermore, they are super generous with the liao and portion, I kid you not. Let me show you!

Gu Ma Signature Traditional Bean Curd Soup
Gu Ma Signature Traditional Bean Curd Soup ($28)

This soup is filled with goodness. It is boiled for 6 hours with salted fish had, Chinese Ham, Pork Ribs Peanuts and fresh Bean Curd. 
Taste really new to me. I like the bean curd though! Soft yet flavourful.

Gu ma jia Yam Ring with Kyoto Pork Ribs
 Homemade Yam Ring with Kyoto Pork Ribs ($30)

Signature Kyoto Pork Ribs and crispy soft Yam Ring, cooked to perfection.
The pork ribs are sweet and savoury; it is not something you can stop at one. 

gu ma jia Lotus Leave Rice
 Lotus Leave Rice (CNY new dish)

Other than fried rice and plain rice, you have one more option here in Gu Ma Jia. The rice is fragrant and one plate can probably feed a table worth of people. It tastes like dumpling you have during Dragon Boat Festival.

gu ma jia vongole vermicelli
 Vongole Vermicelli 

Okay I don't know what this is called but it is so yum! I crave for this once in a while. The amount of clams Gu Ma Jia threw in was crazy. The soup is rich and really good.

Just show them this picture if you want to order it!! 
Cannot miss if you're visiting Gu Ma Jia.

gu ma jia herbal chicken
 Herbal Chicken 

The chicken is extremely tender and it is not as fat as the chickens you find in supermarkets.

gu ma jia  Claypot Pork in Sesame Oil
 Claypot Pork in Sesame Oil ($15/$23/$30)

Cooked with premium Chinese Wine, tender pork slices, ginger, black fungus and sesame oil, this dish is definitely not to be missed. In fact, I love this soup the most out of all the soupy dishes I have tried. The gingery yet savoury base complements the pork slices well. 

I highly recommend this if you have oldie preference like I do. 
I will probably try the chicken version if I head back again.

gu ma jia satay cuttle fish
 Satay Cuttle Fish ($18)

The soft and fresh cuttle fish swimming in a special homemade satay sauce. I cannot appreciate the texture of cuttle fish so this is a miss for me. However, I cannot deny the satay sauce is quite delicious on its own. Not too much peanuts, unlike the one you usually have with satay. 

gu ma jia XO Prawn Noodles
 XO Prawn Noodles ($36)

A different variant from your usual prawn noodles. If I remember correctly this is quite spicy. 

Drunken Prawns (CNY new dish)

And... I didn't try this because I had too much seafood by then. 

gu ma jia Assam Fish Head
Assam Fish Head ($28)

Gu Ma Jia served us their signature assam fish head because we have never tried it before. And.. I major love this. I can totally imagine a bowl of rice with the piping hot sauce. 
You have to give this a try!

gu ma jia must order assam fish head

I am allergic to seafood but I cannot stop myself from having some clams and prawns! (I'm fine after that don't worry!)

A delicious and hearty meal in Gu Ma Jia will not cost you an arm and a leg. *Phew* In fact, the prices are so affordable and the servings are so so generous - it is worth every cent.

gu ma jia

I foresee myself going back with my family one day. One thing you, or I, might want to note is there are only parallel parking lots. Welllllll, I have not tried parallel parking ever since I got my license. NO WORRIES THOUGH!! Gu Ma Jia is a stone's throw away from Potong Pasir MRT station so public transport is also a good option.

gu ma jia review

Thanks Agnes and team for organising and Gu Ma Jia of course for the sumptuous meal. ^^

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Had to hide my tummy with my bag after all the food.

If you are looking for a place for CNY dinner, give Gu Ma Jia a call.
They have set deals as well so check their website for more details ^^