Makeup Tutorial: 5 Minutes Back To School Make Up

Since school is starting for me (and many of you as well), let me share a quick and simple 5 minute make up look with you! This is typically what I wear, if any, to school on a daily basis. I tend to omit some steps as time goes by though. You will look fresh and ready for the day. It is beginner-friendly to those who are new to makeup, don't worry yup.

This my first attempt on pictorial tutorial so let me know where I can improve.

5 min back to school make up tutorial

Products Used:

1. Etude House My Lash serum
2. Missha Under Eye Brightener (02 Natural Beige)
3. Canmake Cream Cheek (09)
4. Cyber Colours Black Label Essence UV Powder Foundation SPF 23 PA ++ - sponsored
5. Etude House AD Drawing Eyebrow Pencil (#3 Brown)
6. Canmake Eyebrow Powder (02)
7. Silky Lips Colour Lip Balm (#5 Sweet Pink)

*The rest are my own purchases*

Step by Step:

1. Start with a clean and moisturised face.

2. Use sunscreen. Here I am using Neutrogena dry touch sunblock.
After that I will use Etude House eyelash serum to moisturise my lashes and make them appear longer and thicker.

etude house my lash serum
Etude house my lash serum

Nobody has the time to remove those troublesome mascara after a long day in school yo.

3. Conceal those panda eyes. (you can skip this step if you've flawless skin)

missha under eye brightener
Missha under eye brightener (Natural Beige)

Nobody has the time for sleep during school term. So conceal conceal coneal! Use a concealer before powder foundation. If you're using liquid-based base makeup, use it after that. I used the same thing on scars and any imperfections.

4. Cream blush! Same as the concealer-foundation theory - no cream/liquid after powder if not it might get cakey.

canmake cream blush 09
Canmake Cream Cheek (09)

Pick some up with your fingers and blend it upwards outwards from the center of your face. I like it on the apple of my cheeks.

I chose cream blush because it is super natural and easy to apply! No tools required Plus, having it under your base will give you the healthy flush of color.

5. Powder foundation as a base.

Cyber Colours Black Label Essence UV Powder Foundation SPF 23 PA ++ (02 Natural)
Cyber Colours Black Label Essence UV Powder Foundation SPF 23 PA ++ (02 Natural)

I picked powder foundation for school because it last a long time, super hassle-free to put on and it has decent coverage for everyday look.

6. Fill in your eyebrows!

etude house AD drawing eyebrow pencil #3 brown
Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil (#3 Brown)

Etude house crayon brow pencil is very pigmented and last the whole day one me. The angled tip makes it easy to draw. It also comes with a spoolie to soften the brows after filling them in.
I wear my brows straight most of the time now.

7. Use a liquid eye liner to draw your eyeline. I extend it slightly downwards to make my eyes appear rounder.

Oscar Impact and cool eyes
(got it from TW)

PS, pardon the poor quality!
You can choose a pencil liner for a more natural look.

8. Slightly contour your nose. This is optional but I like to take a couple of seconds to do this as it really brings out my features.

 canmake eyebrow powder #02
Canmake eyebrow powder (#02)

eyeshadow powder as a nose contour powder
Blend with a clean finger after that

9. Highlight my nose bridge, cupid's bow, chin, aeogysal(eyebags) and inner corner.

lioele 3d jewel highlighter
Lioele 3D Jewel Highlighter 

10. Without picking up anymore product, press the puff on your skin once more to blend everything in.

cyber colours black label uv powder foundation

10. Apply a layer of tinted lip balm, preferably with SPF.

silkygirl silky lips color lip balm
Silky Lips Color Lip Balm (#5 Sweet Pink)


Super easy and it usually takes around 5 minutes for me to complete this look. This is a great look to do when you're running out of time or you do not want to look too made up.

I tried to be as specific as possible, I hope you find this helpful!
Leave me a comment if you want to see any other looks or review on the products I have used. I might used it here but it does not mean it is favourite, you get the drift ya.