DIY: String Art Necklace Holder

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Here to share another DIY I did. It is again not the best tutorial or the nicest looking one so please be gentle haha!

But it looked pretty decent right.

I made my while referring to honeyandfitz tutorial. You can check how she did it as well for more ideas.

Made this for lt that's why I stringed the word 'lemon'.

What you need:

Corkboard ($2 Daiso)
Embroidery threads ($2 Daiso)
Printout/sketch of the word you wanna string
Pushpins (opt)

A couple of things to note:

1. Use a small nail
mine was too 'thick' so they keep popping out.

2. Font from
You can either screenshot and adjust the size in photo editing softwares like photoshop 
you can install the font you want and work in eg. Microsoft word
If you're not sure how to install fonts on Windows, check this post

I just randomly chose a 'handwritting' font from dafont. 

The nails look like this:

Get something short and thin with a 'head'
You can probably find it from any hardware store. I got it from my dad anyway. 


1. Print or sketch the word you want on a piece of paper. Cut it out.

2. Secure with some double-sided tape, or anything you have on hand on the board. 

3. Trace the word with nails. This is not a good font to work with because the gap between the alphabets is small. 

4. Remove the template once you are done outlining your word.

5. Start stringing!
There is no particular way to do it, just do it.

6. Overlap the next colour with the previous one to help the whole look blend better. I used a colour for each alphabet.

7. Decided to outline with a white thread to make the word more outstanding (aka readable) 

diy string art


8. Hammer in pushpins (or nails if you prefer) at the bottom of the frame to hold your necklaces etc. This step is optional but at least it made this thing more functional~

9. Attach a string to the top so that you can hang it. You should you use something like the hot glue gun to keep the string in place but I don't own one so I used... tape. DON'T HANG HEAVY THINGS OK ^^ I really don't know how to attach it sorry!

diy string art tutorial

And we are done!

I hope it doesn't fall apart! 


string art board

Go try it!
It's a great decoration piece in your room or you can give it to someone important as a xmas gift! Very pretty and personalised ^^

Thanks for reading :3
PS I NEED photoshop T_T Photoscape makes my picture quality so bad.