DIY: Personalised Photo Cork Coasters

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personalised photo cork coaster

What's better than a personalised gift for this season? It doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg to give someone something nice and useful at the same time.

What you need:

Cork coaster ($2 for a pack of 6, Daiso)
White Glue
And of course, photos

Things to note:
1. If you can't find cork coaster, you can cut it out from a piece of cork board. Alternatively, I've seen people using tiles/wood for this project as well.


1. Place the coaster over the photo, trace it. 

2. Cut it out and stick it on the coaster. Remember, bigger is always better than smaller. You can trim away the excess later easily.

3. Use weights (I used my books) to press it down so the photo set firmly.

diy photo coasters

4. Trim away any excess.

You're done!! 

You can 'wrap'/scotch tape/apply a layer of glue the surface to protect it from wear and tear. I didn't as I like the texture and all.

If you do not have any photos with you, you can try this instead!

easy diy coasters
Just draw/write a message on a coaster! 
It is easy and super sweet. 
*The last time I tried, it does not smudge*

easy diy coasters
And finish everything by tying with a string/ribbon! 

diy coasters

Take the chance to show your gratitude this holiday.

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