2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #52

LAST WEEKLY BITES OF 2014! My summary of the year is quite pathetic though #gettingworseeveryyear lol

22/12/2014, Monday

Went JB. Ate san luo xing zhou mee fen and the standard dropped :( I hope it is not permanent though!

23/12/2014, Tuesday 

Slept a lot that day and prepared for xmas dinner for Wednesday

24/12/2014, Wednesday 

Started preparing since 10:30 am and only managed to eat at 5 pm. Didn't have time to shower (nor finish wrapping the presents LOL) after getting oily and sweaty in the kitchen. Great to catch up once in a while. That's what xmas is about, isn't it?

25/12/2014, Thursday

Merry Christmas! Met lt and sm for Seoul Yummy army stew.

I was expecting so much more though! I am missing a lot of Korean food right now though I always complain there's nothing to eat in Korea. Wellllll, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Dropped by this random little ice-cream store (?) called honeycomb.
I love milky ice-creams so I find this not too bad ^^

And we passed by this Korean chicken store. I don't mind trying it one day!! Kyochon omg wo hen miss.

Great to spend some time with my dearest friends (though many aren't here this year) on this special day.

26/12/2014, Friday

Went for lessons then spend the rest of the day feeling sick/watching drama.

27/12/2014, Saturday and 28/12/2014, Sunday
*repeat Friday's event*

Made Tom Yam Noodles for dinner on Saturday night and every since then, my tummy can't stop giving me problems. :(
So I only had a piece of bread (and a lot of water) today. Stomach pain mouth also pain - ulcer yo - gonna make some plain old porridge.

Had to shift my mbp from the chair, I like to use the chair as the table and the floor as the seat, to the table because it keeps giving me mini shock when I'm charging it. Too painful to accidentally touch the surface while blabbering nonsense here.