2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #50

Hey! How the week for you so far? Mine was pretty good. I mean, I still have to settle some stuff but it's still good.

Monday, 8/12/2014

I think I spent it at home, watching a new K drama, doing my xmas nails (which I need to remove and redo). Life is all good.

Tuesday, 9/12/2014

JB for Hunger Games, the Mocking Jay with the girls.
Not too bad but there's a lot of talking because they are setting the stage for part 2.

Had dinner at one of the restaurants in City Square mall but it was nothing fantastic. Ended the night with Secret Recipe cakes. Sadly my favourite one was sold out (I think).

Wednesday, 10/12/2014

Hola, what did I do that day? I think I spent it at home. Probably doing nothing productive again hmm.

Thursday, 11/12/14

Starwars in the afternoon and I lost. If you're new to this term then you're not a NTU student. It is basically fighting for the best lesson slots. Guess I have a 5-day study week next sermester.

DG to fix my phone my warranty got voided T_T life. Didn't try llaollao (I know I'm like super late on this) as I thought the queue was horrible. Well, not until I saw the queue at 313 yesterday. Got a lot of random xmas dingdong from Daiso!

Can't wait to prepare for xmas!!

Dragged all my baggage with me for dinner at Gu Ma Jia, this is the shop name if you're wondering. Will put a post up next week so stay tuned for that!

Friday, 12/12/2014

Did a small little DIY for the Birthday gurl. It is either I'm not very good at craft or Pinterest is not realistic LOL. Anyway, it is not as bad as my xmas nails don't worry haha!

Went to catch Penguins and it wasn't super good actually.

Saturday, 13/12/2014



Sunday, 14/12/2014

Packed and I can finally use my laptop on the table LOL.
There's still a lot more to pack and clean. And a xmas dinner to plan for.