2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #49

Well well well, 3 more Summary of the week before the end of 2014. I managed to write 52 entries on my daily mundane life~~ . Okay, I did cheat once in a while (like exam period, when I was in Korea etc) but A+ for the effort!

End of Year 3 Sem 1 and I'm so glad. Last paper was kinda erm bad (very) but well it's over! Praying hard bell curve god please help me.

Anyhow, met up with le girls after the papers. Standing Sushi Bar for really pocket-friendly salmon slices, read here for more, and Strictly Pancakes for pancakes LOL.

Oh life before the last paper: Wake up at 9/10.30am, eat, library to study, eat, home, eat, TV, read a little bit, sleep at 3am wtf.

Friday was spent giving lesson, napping and discussing about our upcoming trip. Progress is always so slow I can't even -.-

Saturday is a repeat and I'll probably spend Sunday recharging (Forever low energy wtf)

Here's all the photos I took/uploaded the past two weeks or so. Actually all of them can be found on my Instagram hahaa #cheatingagain Okay not all, my spicy bibimbap dinner I had just now is not on Instagram.

Okay enough of throwbacks.
For the month of December, I will be
1. Resting LOL
2. Maybe work a bit
3. Posting some exciting stuff for Christmas wheeee~
4. Read
5. Pack for the new year
6. Revamp this space!

I think that's about it. Time to rest again. I need days to recharge hahaha.