[Sponsored Review]: La Colline Anti-aging Skincare (Featuring CellularNight Elixir)

One fine day, I decided to dress young. 

*put hair up into two high ponytails* 

*grab a backpack*

*didn't bother to change (because it's too comfy)*

Pass? How old will you rate me?









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ageing makeup

That's why they say don't judge a woman from her backview? 
Or something along the line lol.

Picked up a couple of ageing makeup tips from Youtube. Okay, to be totally honest, I just darkened my laugh lines, drew some wrinkles on my forehead and around the corner of my eyes, coloured my lips a bit and dotted on some sunspots. 

Not the most real looking one but you get the drift. I've zero patience but look like granny jl right?!

I wiped all the 'traces of time' with my trusty cleansing water after the shoot. Done. 
Is there such a thing to wipe away the wrinkles and sagging skin? Turning back time is not easy but it is not entirely impossible.

A strict skincare regime and the products you choose play a big part in the quest for younger skin.
And today let me show you the way with La Colline.

Originated from Switzerland, La Colline offers products of highest quality with top-level technical expertise. It is a premium skincare brand and well-known in more than 25 countries for its effectiveness and reliability.

La Colline products feature the prodigious anti-ageing power of the CMAge Complex.

Attended the workshop and  I managed to pick up a couple of neat tips! (along with impressive products). It was held at Philips Wains and the focus that night was La Colline's Advanced Vital line.

 Ms Celine demonstrating on the model

Instant glow and lift

Naturally, I'm excited to try as well!

la colline sg

la colline cellular night elixir
La Colline Cellular Night Elixir 
What: Elixir 
Suitable for: mature skin, dry skin, sagging skin
Consistency: light oil 
Size: 30 mL 
Price: $549
Where to get: SaSa retail stores 


1. Regenerates and Repairs 
2. Reduce irritations 
3. Fortifies
4. Firms

Cellular Night Elixir is one of the star products in the "Advanced Vital" line. The line is crafted to improve the firmness and vitality of mature skin. With the revitalising power of soy proteins, it stimulates the neosynthesis of collagen, elastin and GlycosAminoGlycans - necessary for firmer, supple-looking skin. 

Elixir is actually 4x more concentrated than serum, so a little goes a long way. 

How to use

1. Shake well

2. Withdraw some content from the bottle

la colline cellular night elixir

la colline cellular night elixir

3. Blend slightly then dab equally around your face and neck. (5 drops is all you need!).

4. Smooth and massage gently in upwards, circular motion.

la colline review

5. Finish your regime with La Colline cream.

The cream is necessary as it acts as a protective shield for your skin. I'm not a big fan of the smell but it is definitely a very moisturising cream. Might feel slightly oily initially; not to worry it will be gone once your skin absorbs every bit.

Remember to clean and tone your face prior to the application of the elixir!

For severely devitalised skin, apply the elixir in the morning and at night.

Suitable for

Formulated for mature, ageing skin. I feel that it works the best for people who are  starting to see signs of ageing (loss of elasticity, sagging skin, dry skin). When the lines are not too deep yet, the chance of them 'disappearing' is much higher.


la colline cellular night elixir

Thick glass dropper bottle, classy yet simple.

I'm nitpicking again but I do not really like this kind of 'dropper'. It's more troublesome to use than the other kind.



la colline cellular night elixir biphase

It is a biphase product; hence, you have to shake to combine before application.

Oil phase: Consists of precious oils and it delivers nutritive agents to your skin which also stimulates the synthesis of your own lipids to protect the skin

Aqueous phase: Regenerates, soothes and fortifies tissues for increased firmness of the skin.

After you shake to combine, it feels like a light oil. Not too heavy for the skin.



I can't describe with the limited vocab so you can decipher it yourself.

Credits: La Colline

It smells expensive LOL. Told you to decipher it yourself.
I'm not crazy about it initially but now it seems Spa-like to me. Quite relaxing to use at night.
The cocooning fragrance claims to aid sleep too.



This is quite surprising. Non-oily AT ALL. In fact, you totally don't feel anything on your skin after it is absorbed. Your skin will feel more silky and soft too.



Duper amazing. Do not be put off by the oil consistency. You skin absorbs every bit like a sponge, it is just incredible. That is why I say blend slightly. If you rub too much between your palm (and too much here means a few rounds), it will be absorbed by your hands instead of your face.



The drawback of Cellular Night Elixir.


So I asked that 60-year old JL to test it out.

JK! No one will take me seriously if I did.

I got my Aunt to test it out and she kindly agreed! I am pretty comfortable posting about my life/my face online but I'm more reserved when it comes to my family/friends. If you don't like it let me know okay!!!

And here!

la colline results

I actually photographed the progress everyday but my app auto-filtered the photo. Luckily I saved two original copies to do a before-after.

I massaged it on for her every night for 5 days straight. When I say massage I basically means just going around in circular upwards motion :x 
You can do it on your own as well, 5-10 mins and you'll be done! 

1. Lifting

Visible effects. Can you see how much tauter my Aunt's skin looks? I noticed a general lift on her face as well.

2. Moisturised, supple skin

You can literally feel your skin drink up all the goodness when you massage the elixir on. Say hi to more radiant and younger looking skin. The deep wrinkles seemed to soften as well. Hydrating your skin is super important.

There is no irritations and whatsnot as it is compounded with a plant-derived active ingredient called Bacopa.

And this is only after 5 days. 
I'm thoroughly impressed. 




The Verdict

The price might make many think twice before purchasing. However, rather than spending money on 20 products that does not work, splurge on 1 that gives visible results. 5 days only and I can see such a big difference on my Aunt (60+ years old?), I can't imagine what it can do already. Furthermore, it is relatively cheaper than cosmetic procedures like Botox and Fillers. I'm not against them but I would opt for other alternatives if there is.

It is impossible to rewind the time that has passed but you can slow it down with the right product. If you want something to treat your skin and prevent the terrible signs of ageing, you may want to check this out. 

The smell is great, texture is great, OUTCOME is great too. I will keep mental note of this elixir (or generally La Colline's good stuff). I really hope I don't need it soon but if I do, it will be my top choice.

It is a perfect gift for your mum or basically anyone who spent years taking care of you. It's your turn to show some love.

You can check it out at Sasa retail stores. Follow Sasa facebook page; who knows when there might be some extra good deals going on?

Rating: 9.5/10

Granny JL signing off!
Haahaha don't mind the contact lens. 

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