2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #43 and #44

Not in chronological order because I was too busy revising (I still am) for my midterms.

Meal in the library and it's not very nice.
Fail Pancakes

Easy meals when I'm extremely lazy
Wrap, veg, tuna, egg (which is half-cooked #fail) and some tomatoes

Can you see a scratch? Dreamt about zombie apocalypse after watching TWD (What's new?) and here's my battle scar. 

And I wrote so much I've blisters on my palm -_- 

Lastly, birthday party last night! 

Follow me on Instagram @ jielinnnx33 because most of the photos (maybe 99 out of 100) can be found there. 
Sorry for the half-hearted SOTW (summary of the week/s), I will start using my planner.

OH I'm currently playing a game my friend recommended - The Jusou. Taking super long to finish because it's really scary. But I still can't stop playing lol. Go check it out on iPhone/android if you're interested. Don't say I didn't warn ya! 

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