Travel: Korea Xia Tian Day 3 (2014)

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For convenience sake, 1 SGD = 800 KRW

Jeju island!
December Hotel
Jeju Volcanic Crater
Cat Maze
Black Pork Korean BBQ

22/6/2014, Sunday

Luckily day 3 wasn't as drama as day 2. Bao ji wan (which is probably the best thing on Earth then) and proceeded to check out. 

Haeundae Station > Gimhae Domestic Airport > Jeju Island (제주도)
By subway, Gimhae International Airport Station > Jeju Air (Airline), Jeju International Airport

We took one of the earliest trains. Thank god there were seats if not I will probably die. Changed two lines in total and the one at Sasang is the longest. At least there's lifts/escalators. 

We reached really early, well better than late. Ate the breakfast we got the night before, waited and checked in when the counter opened. 

Jeju Air (제주항공)

Jeju air does group check in. Not sure whether they are strict about excess weight or not as we repacked to fit inside the maximum weight limit (15kg check in, 5-10kg carry on) 

Everything was really smooth and I managed to sleep during the 1h flight. In fact, I fell asleep even before the plane took off lol. Jeju air serves beverages like water and orange juice but we were too drained to drink anything. 

Jeju International Airport > December Hotel (디셈버 호텔)
By taxi, KRW 10,000 ($12.50)

Touched down and we hailed a large cab to our hotel. We had too many luggage that's why 1 normal-sized cab will not be enough. It is easy to get a cab at the airport and probably cheaper and more convenient as well. 
However, it is cheaper if we split and hail 2 normal-sized cabs (around KRW 4,000, $5 for each cab)

It was a quick drive and we reached our new nest very quickly. 

December Hotel (디셈버 호텔)

december hotel jeju review

December hotel is one of the highly raved accommodation in Jeju Island, and I can see why.

The owner, or counter staff?, was so so helpful. He briefed us on how to use different facilities, personally brought us to the room and suggested local food stores to try.  

The room is pretty spacious and clean. 

Toilet is huge

jeju december hotel quad room

It is more homely and cozy. 
The girls prefer this to the modern, mirrors everywhere room we stayed previously. 

It has everything you need. Shampoo is not as atas as the one we had in Jun Hotel though. I love the fact they have condiments, fridge and a drying rack. The drying rack is a lifesaver.  

Exploring Jeju City

Jeju City is lined with shops, though repetitive. There are a lot of food places around our hotel.

Credit: Buff

The food place recommended by December hotel is not opened on Sunday so we settled our lunch at the shop beside it. 

Nothing super amazing.

Anyway, radish noodles is usually cold so don't order that if you like warm food. It's not your typical 萝卜汤 (radish soup) in Singapore. Sw had to switch hers with mine because my tummy is not ready for something like that yet. : |

I was so hungry I wolfed down the whole bowl (which is huge; korean food serving is pretty large) 
and whatever buff couldn't finish. Vomited everything out the last night so technically I fasted for a day. 

Since we had some time to spare before meeting up with the rest of the skku peeps, we combed the shops around the vicinity. 

Did not get anything iirc because luggage was already heavy enough. And shopping can be done in Seoul :D

Got tired walking around so Paris baguette for some snacks and hot choco. 

cute cup
The cup is so cute! 

Finally meet up with the rest and off to our first destination of the day! 

Jeju City > Manjanggul Cave (만장굴)
By Bus to Jeju Bus Terminal > Donghoe Line Intercity Bus to MJG parking lot > cab (1k won per pax) MJG entrance

There are many buses to the bus terminal from our area. Just check the board or check with the driver (in Korean). Then, we took Donghoe Line Intercity bus to Manjanggul Cave (MJG for short); the journey was about 1h20mins. 

Concussed after some selfies and weird videos. Sleep is always so good on long bus rides. <3

And we reached!

Contemplated walking to the entrance of MJG (~20minutes) but this cabbie ahjusshi offered to take us to the place for 1000 won ($1.25) per pax. We, 8 people, squeezed into a 4-pax cab~ Only possible outside Singapore haha! 

Every bump was like whahhh.

But it was fun! 
My mood was good despite the pathetic amount of sleep I had. It was slightly chilly and I love chilly weathers. The temperature is probably directly proportional to my angst level LOL.

jeju island

Manjanggul Cave (만장굴)

manjanggul cave

Manjanggul cave is basically a lava tube cave. It is quite cold and wet inside so remember to bring a cardi and wear non-slippery shoes! 

Got youth price entry tickets (remember to bring your passport/IC/take photo of it?) so we paid 1000W ($1.25) per pax. 

Credit: Buff

Finding light source for selfie

manjanggul cave

manjanggul cave

Walked all the way to the end so we have to take some wefie!

manjanggul cave
Credit: Ht

manjanggul cave
Credit: Ht

Credit: Ht

Credit: Ht

manjanggul cave

Credit: Ht

Hat holder jl

This woman just have to tiptoe to make me a hobbit :<

Manjanggul Cave (만장굴) > Gimnyeong Maze Park (김녕미로공원)By foot

Yea we decided to walk there  the only transportation you can find is the 1k per pax cabbie. Holidays is all about leaving your footprints behind right? We took it the literal way haha. 

We entertained ourselves with dandelion, random outburst of acapella and photo taking. The destination is never too far with the right company. Plus, the weather was cooling and the air was fresh. *plays some Shan ge*

Gimnyeong Maze Park (김녕미로공원)

jeju maze park
Credit: Buff

Maze Park is in the shape of the Jeju Island, very interesting. 

There are a lot of cats there I'd call it the cat maze. 
Tickets cost us 3,300 won ($4.125) each.

jeju maze park

We split into two teams for a challenge. 

jeju maze park

After going in circles, running and panting, we lost hahaaa. Guess I'm not fit to be a maze runner. (Btw the show is awesome and I forgot to write it in one of my SOTW).

Once you're out of the maze, everything becomes so clear.

That's why they say 当局者迷 :P

jeju maze park

jeju maze park
Credit: Buff

Credit: Buff

Exited the maze and there are some korean traditional games for you to try. Played a bit before leaving. 

juju island itinerary

The park closes at 6.30 or 7pm so plan your time wisely. 

We then continued our journey to the bus stop *repeats group-entertaining activities*

Everyone slept like a log (I supposed) on the bus ride back to Jeju bus terminal.
Basically I slept on every bus/car ride wtf. Normally I've to be alert and take note of the roads (in case they drive us to sell -_-) so this was a rare chance. 

Sleeping on bus rides/long car rides is so precious. 

Jeju Bus terminal > black pork BBQ
via bus and walk 

This is probably not a good route to follow because we walked through dark roads and all. And it was a pretty long walk. I, or we, was exhausted and hungryyyy. 

Black pork BBQ

black pork bbq jeju
Hook Don Ga (Did I get this right? I've no idea what it means)

It is not difficult to spot the light pollution from afar. The restaurant opposite the one we patronised is brightly lit and purple neon lights coloured the dark skies. 

Credit: Ht

The rice is so good

We ordered a fair bit and each pax should cost about 15, plus minus. Can't remember lol. 

Black pork BBQ > December Hotel
via cab 

It is cheaper if you have a full cab(4pax) and the destination is not too far. Cost around the same (or is it even lower) than bus fares. 
Anyway, we were too drained to retrace our route to the bus stop. 

Home sweet home. That's all for Day 3!

For previous entries on my Korea Xia Tian 2014 series, please use the label 'South Korea' (Have not linked them in the tab)