TheFaceShop Raspberry Roots 1st Million Special Anniversary

The Face Shop celebrated their 1st million pieces of Raspberry Roots products sold at Altimate, 1-Altitude! More millions to come :)

My fringe was way too long but Gin looks pretty so #messyfringedontcare

Raspberry-flavoured finger food was served that evening and my favourite was the ice-cream from The Inspired Chef

It is flavourful yet light; one cup is certainly not enough.

TheFaceShop Raspberry Roots 1st Million Special Anniversary
The range many love! And KIM SOO HYUN :D

Formed a group with xinting and apple for pictionary. 

Though we did not win, good job girls! :D

the face shop raspberry roots
The full raspberry roots range

I've been using Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask for years (I am perhaps one of the million supporters of this range) and it has worked well for me so far. I reach for this a lot on cheat days because it is so fuss-free to use! 

However, depuffing eye gel and collagen eye patch are new to me. 

Raspberry Roots Depuffing Eye Gel provides instant cooling sensation and hydration to the eye area. It is a product specially formulated for the Singapore market (aka we have no/little time to sleep) but it got so popular hence it is launched in other markets as well. 

I can see why you girls out there love it! Hello my eyebags..

It is so heavy I think eye luggage is probably a better word to describe it. #Lifeasastudent The caffeine content is able to help stimulate blood circulation, thus reducing fluid retention. I've been using it for a few days and I'm happy to say there is less 'burden' under my eyes now :D

I have not tried the collagen eye patch yet. A full review on Raspberry Roots products soon!

joyishappy thefaceshop

Photoprinting services by Printiculous and their instagram printout is very clear and the smaller than usual picture is so cute. It fits my wallet easily! 

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