KaBloom! TheSampleStore Launch @ Fullhouse Signature

Before I begin, let me take the chance to thank TSS for inviting me. I am really privileged to be part of the team! Also, a huge thank you to all the sponsors/partners I've worked with under TSS. (Click the tab above to browse the products, sponsored or not, I've written thus far).

The launch was held at Fullhouse signature and many brands/partners were there. Fret not if you missed it, let me bring you through! 

Fullhouse Signature Cafe
3A,Clarke Quay, River Valley Road, #02-04
Singapore 179020
Operating hours: Mon - Sun: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Tel: 6338 0885
Email: reservation.singapore@fullhouseworld.com

Fullhouse Signature is a gorgeous cafe; the photos I took cannot justify how pretty the place is. Definitely a romantic place to spend with your other half!
They host a lot of solemnisations, ROM and even events (like KaBloom ^^)

Hop over to their facebook page to find out more.

No comment on food because that was the first time I visited the cafe but I can vouch for the ambiance. 

I love the white/bright concept and the little doves you find around the place :)

The rest of the partners are mentioned in no particular order. 

My Beauty Diary

My Beauty Diary is our official beauty sponsor.

My Beauty Diary offers a great variety of sheet masks at an affordable price. You’re bound to find something that caters to your needs given the wide range of sheet masks they have.

Its unique three-layered structure hydrated masks are imported from Japan, using eco-friendly plant fibres which fits perfectly to your facial contours and has excellent water absorption ability. Each sachet contains 23g of highly-moisturizing serum - enough for your neck and every other inch of your skin.

Their masks fits perfectly for me but if they do not, just tear a small section around the chin area and overlap the two flaps.

White formula products were also featured with TBD. 
The toner is pretty good and it revitalises skin after a long, tired day. 


Unfortunately I did not manage to take any photo from the booth MiaCare set up! :( Nonetheless, let me share the good stuff they brought.

Miacare targets the number 1 problem teenagers and even adults deal with - acne. Their acne patch comes in day, night and day and night form. The packaging is more hygienic and it is thin like skin! I will use it on days when I've a giant spot on my face.

BRANDS Innershine

Well BRANDS is definitely a familiar name in my family. BRANDS Chicken Essence is like a Must-have for me before exams/tests. It's like my little secret to A wtf hahaha. (BUT I DON'T GET A LOT OF THEM -___-)

Innershine on the other hand is pretty alien to me, until a while back. 

BRANDS provided Marine Collagen Essence Strip and Berry Essence for sampling that day. 

Marine collagen essence strips are basically individually-packed jellies - good to go beauty food! They are yummy and easy to consume. Who said collagen/good stuff has to taste bad? 

Marine Collagen Essence Strip contains micro-collagen for better absorption, and Vitamin E for added anti-oxidation benefits. You don't have to worry about additional calories because each strip contains only 12K Kcal and zero fats. Eat your way to skin suppleness and elasticity without while watching your waistline.

Berry essence is a drink in indivdually-packed glass bottles. It's sweet-sour, very refreshing when chilled. 

It is bursting with the goodness of seven types of premium berries, specially selected from Europe and America. This combination is an excellent source of antioxidants, which neutralize harmful free radicals in the body and prevent degeneration of eye cells. It also contains Zinc and is fortified with Vitamin A, C & E, providing the required nutrients to benefit ocular health.

Ma Cherie

Website(JP) | Facebook

Ma Chérie meant “my sweetheart” in French and as the name goes, the line of hair care that cares for your hair in the most luxurious sweet rewarding way while indulging in the romantic fragrance that lingers through their soft silky hair. Ma Cherie is always known for its sweet, dedicate pink packaging and the super sweet scent.

They set up a hair revamp corner and a lot of attendees had a mini hair makeover. I appreciate their effort and many walked away with fabulous hair that day! I should have queued up >.<


TSUBAKI is valued as a brand created to serve the beauty of women’s hair while enhancing the attractiveness of women.

I tried headspa serum spray thing at their booth. It is basically a scalp care product and you use after shower. What is nice about this is that after spritzing some product on your scalp, you need to press the area and there'd be popping sound. It's like popping candy - on your head. Quite a cool idea, literally, as it leaves a cooling sensation while massaging your scalp. 

Tested out their highly-raved camellia hair oil and it does not disappoint. Got to add this to my to-buy-list. 



NOV products are suitable for even the sensitive skin. They have products made for acne-proned and sensitive skin. 

We had a quick skin analysis and mine is lacking moisture and elasticity. AGING. NOV staff is very knowledgeable and I managed to pick up a quick beauty tip from them.
I was 'prescribed' the sensitive III series. Will write a proper review if they work well for me.
It could have been better if the analysis was done on the facial skin than on the neck. The results will be more accurate in that case.

With Melissa while waiting for our turn

NOV cosmetics line may be limited but they are all the fundamental skin make you really need. I would love to try their pressed powder one day. You do not have to wash off with makeup remover as informed by the staff. Quite interesting, don't you think so?


International skincare expert. Since 1846, New York, USA. Nurturing Skin Inside to Transform it Outside. That’s the Pond’s Promise.

Pond's focused on firming/anti-aging that day. Not something I'm super interested in yet but it'd be a different story in a few more years' time. Couldn't take a decent picture because it was flooding with people by the time I made it to the booth. 


This is the first time I've heard of this brand. Despite so, I am very keen to try out their products.

Goodal seeks to care and cure skin troubles actively by special ingredients of Amazon wild plants by ‘Wild Phyto Power’, your skin will be reborn powerful and energetic. Goodal uses naturally derived ingredients and their products are Paraben free, Synthetic fragrance  free, Synthetic dye free, and SLS free. 

The product that caught my eye is Goodal Super Seed Oil Plus Skin Mist. It is primarily an oil in a mist form. Well well, this is something new; can't wait to try this out one day. 


I've heard of so many good reviews from Belif users so can you tell how excited I am? 

A Korean skincare brand which stands by its 5 truths: True Ingredients, True Formula, True Benefit, True Safety and True Timelessness. It is a herbal skincare brand that is true to its ingredients, efficacy and value.

Belif staff gave us a good introduction of the range they brought, which is again more suited for slightly older skin. Lucky jl managed to get the samples from their moisturising range! 

My life is complete~


Website | Facebook

By fusing the powers of nature and science, enavose has unlocked the secret to better living. With technology, Enavose uncover the potential that lies within Nature. Other than make up, they also have their own skincare line.

A MUA was there to provide free makeovers for the attendees using Enavose's products. I've swatched the eyeliner (infused with apple steam cells!) and it is pretty darn good. Quite smudge proof on my hand. Bag home a hot pink lippie because they were having a 30% off. The colour is really really pretty, Very vibrant yet not drying.

Samplestore Test run

There was a booth for you to try out the new samplestore platform. The new website is full of life and things are more organised than before. I need to do some exploring and perhaps redeem a new sample or two :D

There's buffet provided but I wasn't hungry so...  ATTACK THE DESSERT TABLE.

Nestle Fitnesse

NESTLE FITNESSE cereal made with whole grain is a delicious way to start your mornings or end your day. You can check out their 14-days program to reap the maximum benefits for your body. 

They are available in 5 different flavours, just switch it out when you get sick of the flavour.

Fitnesse brought their chocolate flavour for us to savour that day. 

The White Ombre

Helmed by executive chef Nicholas Ang and chef instructor Tricia Tjhin, The White Ombré (TWO) chef team creates edible works of art which are one of a kind. The White Ombre also provide baking and cake decorating classes for those who are interested in learning from the experts. 

Really cute Samplestore cookies


Emicakes is constantly re-inventing their products - recipes, flavours & designs - to bring consumers quality, variety and satisfaction in every bite Their eggless cake is great for vegans who love sweet treats. Also, their customised cakes are so adorable! Remember to check Emicakes if you're looking for a pretty and healthier cake. 

Emicakes brought cakepop and Dessert in a bottle for samplestore's attendees. 
I did not try the cakepop as I wasn't feeling cake that day (LOL) so I grabbed the latter. 

The texture is like light mousse and both flavours (lycee and oreomisu) are good but I prefer oreomisu to lycee. A little sweeter than what I like though.


Check out the photos the photographers took that day here.

With a various assortment of shooting styles, their professionals are guaranteed to be in the thick of the action when needed.Trust them to capture the most valued seconds.

Awwsnap / La Novella Studio

Large photo was from photobooth set up by AwwSnap. 

Aww Snap captures deliberate cutesiness and playful exclamation in an all familiar snap of the camera. They provide cute props for you to pose with as well!

Smaller prints were from La Novella Studio.

To get your photos printed, all you have to do is hashtag #SSKaBloom. The staff actually delivered the photos to us, twice hhaaha so cute. Top-notch service! 

Photos were pretty clear as well.

They have studios for rent so head over to their page if you're looking for a studio for your shoot. 


Wonderstellar believe in retail therapy for all girls who live and breathe fashion.
We aim to curate confident girls with their stylish, quirky and one-of-a-kind fashion picks. Check out the pretty clothes they sponsored our style editors in the offical video/photos taken. 


Touristpads rents iPads packed with awesome apps, travel guides and unlimited internet connectivity to tourists, to make their stay in Singapore fuss-free and memorable. Plus, the rental cost is easy on your pocket! 

Much thanks to Touristpads for providing iPads for attendees to check out the new samplestore platform. It made life so much easier and more people had the chance to check the new samplestore site out that day.

Hilly events

And of course, Hilly Events for putting everything together. 

Introducing the new platform to everybody

We had quite a bit of time while waiting for the event to end.

So what do you do when you are waiting? S-E-L-F-I-E

The lighting there/that day was perfect. 

Unboxing the super packed goodie bag! 


Products (in order):

Belif Peat Miracle Revital Range 
MiaCare Acne Patch for Day
Goodal Super Seed Plus Moisturising Range
My Beauty Diary (Dark circles eye mask, Vanilla and Bird Nest)
BRANDS Innershine Marine Collagen Essence Strip
BRANDS Innershine Mini Meal
Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo and Conditioner
Enavose Chroma5 Mineral Correcting Pentagon
BRANDS Innershine Berry Essence
NOV Sensitive III Trial Set
NOV UV Shield Ex SPF 50+ PA++++
Tsubaki Headspa Shampoo and Conditioner
MaCherie Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner
POND'S Age Miracle Firm & Lift
La Novella Studio Instagram prints
AwwSnap photo 
White Formula Toner (in the pile of flyers/leaflets)
Belif Aqua Range

If there is anything you'd like me to review, leave me a comment below or email me! 

Look at the new packaging hoho! Torn it open before I took a photo :x

Tbh I prefer the old packaging because it is resealable! I use it to hold my shoes and whatsnot when I'm travelling :B

Lastly, I want to say

I am very happy to be part of TSS team. Thank you for all the opportunities I'm offered. Glad to meet people from different fields/schools with the same interest. :)

Congrats on your launch and I hope TSS will continue to grow :)

Thanks for reading! 

PS, please contact me if there is any mistakes/missing info