2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #41

How many more weekly bites do I have before the end of 2014? Hmm.

6/10/2014, Monday

Probably possessed. No recollection.

7/10/2014, Tuesday

School in the morning,
Lunch at XSJ, NTU 

Quite yummy and serving is pretty big right!

Work after that. Met the NUS kiddos for dinner at a hawker near Clementi (so I presumed it is Clementi Hawker Center)

8/10/2014, Wednesday


9/10/2014, Thursday

Last yoga-aerobics class in school and we did pair work. It was my first time doing pair-yoga so I feel pretty weird about it.

10/10/2014, Friday

Longest lab of the semester.

#shagfacedontcare + #selfiewithannabelle (if you can't tell)

Then Annabelle with fq and zy. The suspense omg hmm. Not a bad movie though.
Dinner at Empire state and ice-cream with jh after the movie. Good to see all of you again ^^

11/10/2014, Saturday

Lesson in the morning, picked my sis up at night. 858 is super duper long now! I think train is much faster yo. Packed dip&go for her and it's damn yummy?
Probably missed some celebrities because I saw groups of people screaming at the arrival area but I moved too slowly to catch them so... ya.

Welcome home pig.

12/10/2014, Sunday

Feeling sick and groggy :( Headed out for CDC bursary ceremony. I can pay my school fees already but I don't have money for food? T_T

Went for lesson then spent 2 hours watching TV eating grapes with pig hahaaa.
Celebrating her birthday later! AND TWD SEASON 5 HELLO!

*Found a new song I like, repeat until I hate it.*

I Swear by Sistar

There's actually a very weird song (or rather MV) I wanted to share with you guys but I forgot what it is called. Next time!

Not in the mood to write/talk today so see you next week!