2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #40

Reporter jl is here again ^^

29/9/2014, Monday

Met dearest the day before. Much misses! It's good to see them again after a hectic 8 weeks of school.

Anyway, mon was spent in town with Tim. No loots because nothing caught our eyes? Tried TWG macarons and boy they are delish! Not too sweet, I love it!

Admin stuff/work afterwards, I had fun working with Felicia! (If you happened to read this boring space add me somewhere? If you want (=w=)/ )

PS I'm kinda addicted to weird computer emojis, I don't even know what they are called, thanks to kakao. It is quite fun to kakao so kakao me people!

30/9/2014, Tuesday

J to the B with parents and I'm rocking my new mushroom wig, not LOL. I literally pouted after the Aunty is done with my hair. Hmm. 

Please grow soon. 

Jam and all so we ended up paying for the new policy thingy. 

1/10/2014, Wednesday

Too tired so I slept, woke up, slept, ate, slept my whole day away. I need a day like this before it feels like a legit holiday. Okay it's not a holiday holiday but, I don't care. 

2/10/2014, Thursday

Planted myself in the library to absorb all the things I've missed over the passed few weeks. Let's not waste the 3.8k school fees. 

Ended up dozing off for a bit. The person beside me was as well hahahah I peeked. 

3/10/2014, Friday

J to the B again to attend my couz wedding!

I think I look like a man here?



4/10/2014, Saturday

Dragged myself out of bed. New temporary student that day. So drained I blacked out on my couch after everything was over. 

5/10/2014, Sunday

Nothing particularly interesting except I finally wrote about IFF x Sasa workshop and the event is happening from now to Nov 2014. 

I was talking to JC (in UK), Derek (in Thailand) and Ana (in Korea). I really wanna fly over and find them ughh but wallet says otherwise. 

So, throwback to last day in UK. 

Credit to JC

That's all. Got 2 tests to study for so I'll try my best to blog next week~
omg I found so many errors in my posts nowadays because I do not have the time to proofread them.  미안해