Review: TheFaceShop Black Label Lipsticks (#02, #07, #10)

TheFaceShop Black Label Lipsticks

TheFaceShop Black Label Lipsticks review
TheFaceShop Black Label Lipstick
What: Lipstick
Finish: Varies
Scent: Faint sweet scent
Size: 5 g
Made in: Korea
Price: $12.90 
Where to get: TheFaceShop outlet stores/websites like Qoo10
Website: Here

Colours available:

Credit: Here

How I use it:

1. Center of lips, blend it out with my finger
2. Or 1 layer all over lips *preferred*


TheFaceShop Black Label Lipsticks swatch


TheFaceShop Black Label Lipsticks review
PS, I obviously used #2 more than #7

The typical twist and apply form. In a very sturdy and scratch-resilent shiny black casing. You can toss it in your makeup pouch/bag without worrying too much. I like its squarish design a lot as it is easier to stack (i.e. they do not roll all over the place) and it is in general, more classy in my opinion.

Stars: ★


Black label lipsticks are not drying and do not accentuate lip lines. It is in fact quite moisturising. I do not have a use a lipblam before applying this (which is great ^^).

Stars: ★


Not the most lasting lipsticks available but the colour stays for a couple of hours. You will need to reapply after meal.

It will transfer so it is something you do not want to wear if you are attending for instance a cocktail party. The transfer issue is more noticeable for #10 Fashion Red, probably because it is the brightest of the three.

Stars: ★ 


Black label lipsticks are very pigmented, especially for the price you pay.

Stars: ★ 


No weird taste but please don't go taste it deliberately.

Stars: ★ 


The faint sweet scent is unnoticeable when you apply it on your lips. I don't need lip products to smell good though.

Stars: ★ 


Easily removed with facial wipes/normal makeup cleansers.

Stars: ★

Colours available

Not a wide range to choose from, colours are pretty mediocre (a lot of pinks) but they are very wearable.

Stars: ★ .5 (4.5/5)

  • #2, Soft Coral (소프트 코랄)


TheFaceShop Black Label Lipstick #02 Soft Coral Swatch
This is not a good picture as the shadows made my lips looked darker. 
(Will retake if I remember)

As per the name suggested, it is indeed a soft coral. The colour is bright but not too overwhelming. It is a good lip colour to pick if you want something to brighten up your face while still keeping the whole look natural. This is a very pigmented lipstick and it has a slight sheen finish.

There's more glitter in this than the next one I'm going to talk about.

TheFaceShop Black Label Lipstick swatch

Stars: ★ 


Glides effortlessly and mistakes can be cleaned off easily. Does not bleed or smudge for me.

Stars: ★ 

  • #7. Grace Pink (그례이스 핑크)


TheFaceShop Black Label Lipstick #07 Grace pink swatch
Found a better way to show you guys the colour. 
Applied this without a mirror so... please ignore the uneven lip line. 

This is more of a my-lips-but-better colour. More rosy than pink.

TheFaceShop Black Label Lipstick #07 Grace pink swatch

It also has specks of glitter in it but less than #2. Hence, this is great if you're going for a no makeup makeup look. However, I find this less interesting.

Stars: ★ 


Like #2, no problem with application at all.

Stars: ★

  • #10. Fashion Red (패션 레드)


TheFaceShop Black Label Lipstick #10 Fashion red swatch
Middle: apply in the center, spread | Right: Full coat 

I pulled #10 Fashion Red out on Christmas.What is holiday make without the vibrant red lip right? It does not contain glitters or shimmer. Colour payoff is fabulous.

You will get a natural healthy tint if you apply it with a light hand. A full swatch will give you a very bright red colour. The pigmentation is awesome and the texture is great. Quite moisturising too. However, it stains my lips so I need to remove more thoroughly than the two I've talked about. 

Stars: ★


I have no issue with application but the bright colour highlight every little mistake you make. It is relatively hard to pull a perfect lip if you don't line your lip before this lip colour. (But you know I'm really lazy). Plus, I have to be more careful when I am wearing this as it'd be problematic if any transfers onto my clothes etc. 

Stars: ★

The Verdict

TheFaceShop Black Label Lipstick #10 Fashion red swatch

Lipsticks are great and colours (at least the ones I picked up) complement my skin tone well. I think it will work for most people too. I love both of the colours but I tend to reach for #2 Soft Coral a little more. I've been using #7 a lot recently as it is a good neutral colour for school.

Got #2 & #7 from Qoo10 a while ago. If you doubt the authenticity, you can purchase them from the outlets itself.

I don't usually see them at the outlet though, maybe I did not search hard enough? I got the price from an online source so I'm not sure whether it is still accurate to date. Will probably drop by to double check one of these days!

I also got #10 from Korea (retailed at 4,900W) and it is a gorgeous red. I will do a swatch + update once I've opened it!
#10 is a gorgeous red every girl needs in her make up collection. Since it does not last very long/transfer quite a fair bit, I will not recommend this if you're going to eat or drink because it might smudge haha. To achieve the perfect red lip, remember to line your lips first!

- Affordable
- Wearable colours
- Quite moisturising
- Pigmented 
- Smooth 
- Does not emphasise lip lines

- Not long-lasting
- Transfers
- Vibrant colours may look smudge more easily
- Can dry up lips

Rating: 9.5/10
Repurchase:#2 is definitely a keeper
#7 KIV because it is quite a common colour
#10 KIV cause colour is quite bright for everyday use

Hope you will love them too :)

PS, I need to invest in a lip scrub LOL.