2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #39

Hi angels, my SOTW came late.

Wouldn't go through day by day this time round because... I did not plan my week in my planner LOL. Sort of scribbled my daily events and whatsnot on many different pieces of paper so I kind of lost track of what happened the past week.

Major highlights include:

1. Finished half a sem in Y3S1! It's recess week starting from NOW but that doesn't mean I can rest. :( Tons of school/blog stuff to work on!

2. JB on Wednesday with Popa to get some of the things done. Another 1-2 JB trips soon!

3. Didn't manage to catch Lee Min Ho although he was at CWP last Sat! Sigh.

4.I drink a lot of milk recently

5. Probably need to sleep now before I oversleep for tomorrow's event/shopping.

6. Met my dearest today and it was good, as usual.

7. Attended BCA scholarship award ceremony, sadly I'm not the recipient hmm. Anyway, congratz cheese!

8. I'm tired

9, Sis's in Australia ugh there's no one at home to listen to my daily crap.

10. Will stop working and focus on school/tuition/blog.

Good night!

Thanks for reading ~