2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #38

15/9/2014, Monday

Spent my day in the library because I'm a nerd.... Had a test to study for and library is the most conducive place to do it. 

16/9/2014, Tuesday

Efforts paid off, I'm happy. Had KFC breakfast and the last blueberry pancake was bought by the girl right in front of me. #nofate I've been craving for cupcakes and pancakes, especially those with blueberries in it. Been too lazy but I hope I have some time to bake some very soon!

17/9/2014, Wednesday

Extra lesson that day due to the launch on Saturday. And I read the timing wrongly wth.

18/9/2014, Thursday

Actually I had a lot of things planned but everything screwed up. Only managed to get my pay (which is great) and school to collect my exam script + attend the last lecture by Prof Leung. He is indeed a very funny and interesting man. I thoroughly enjoyed my lectures :D (even when the lesson starts at 8.30 in the morning)

19/9/2014, Friday

Lab in the morning, West > east to collect my name cards. Did it in a rush so it's really not up to mark. I will probably work on a better template next time but for now, this is good enough. 

Million thanks to onedayprint for the efficiency. They are quick in replying emails and managed to produce something for me under such a short notice. Worth my 1 hour 30 mins train ride. Please take bus, don't be a fool and walk over from the station like yours truly.

Then I went for a short training session with sm. And met lt coincidentally. SO DIFFICULT TO SEE ALL OF THEM TGT.  

20/9/2014, Saturday

TheSampleStore Launch! I really want to attend this so I gave up my lessons. It's usually lessons > events because (I guess) I mean a great deal to my student.

No regrets attending though! So glad I managed to meet some other bloggers, 同志们!

Will dedicate a whole post for it! 

21/9/2014, Sunday

Lessons as usual but I was more tired today. A little brain dead?
Hop over to Singtel for new contracts/phones. I hope it will be a smooth 2 years.

3GS, 4S, 5, 6
5 belongs to my sis

And I can't back up/transfer/whatever. This is not easy. Technology is such a difficult thing! I've been fiddling with itunes for 2 hours and it's not working. How??!!!


Next week will be an exciting week and the last week before recess week! 
I have to catch up with my some of my school work (it's piling up like crazy) and hopefully write a couple more posts!

See you guys very soon!

Made myself a cup of juice every couple of days. Healthy lifestyle is the way to go!

Back to itunes. MY HEAD HURTS.