2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #37

This week was the busy week. Almost x2 more tuition, a midterm paper to study for (I'm still working on that) and work. Had to wake up really early every single day; hence, I totally knocked out on Friday afternoon and drooled on my hand LOL. (MUST BE HUNGRY AND TIRED AT THE SAME TIME, JUST MORE TIRED)

1. Went for the Lindy Hop CCA class and boy, the tempo is so fast. It seems interesting but the practice session clashes with my yoga class. I worked really hard to be where I am today, how can I give it up? So it's yoga over anything else sigh.


Went to work on one of the days. I hope I get my pay soon! 

3. Lab photo with labmates~ Always so disoriented and messy on lab days. But it's much better than me when I'm mugging in the library. 

Probably the easiest lab ever. We even had time to take photo. 
One of the rare photos of me in school. 

4. What will you dress up as on Halloween night? Me...?

Oh just a cat LOL.

Got this hairband for the kiddy Halloween event last year (Daiso, $2!) and I hope I don't have to rewear it. Anyway, it is really soft and I use it a lot to keep my fringe out of my face when I'm home. 


cat is not as easy as it seemed.

Can't even draw a proper cat face *Facepalm*

Entertained me so let me share some joy with you ^^

5. Food of the week

Chinese jjm from Can 2. Not very nice

Tuna onigiri from Cold Storage. Not very nice either

Guess I'm missing some of the food I had during my summer. 

I really tried to take as many photos + blog as much as possible. Please don't abandon my space hahahaa~