2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #36

September, 3 more months to end of 2014.

2/9/2014, Tuesday

Couldn't wake up for school so I went for ktv with my sis. Got vouchers from Qoo10 ($5.90 for 2 hours with drink and snack) - it is a really good deal. The sound system is better than teoheng and it's at Woodlands Civics center, so near.

3/9/2014, Wednesday

Woke up at 4.30am or so to drive my parents to the airport, and back without supervision. Made it home safely and parked well. *pat back*. Slept all the way till 12 odd before pulling myself out of bed.

Satisfied my craving for English breakfast with milk and orange juice ^^. I love it when my table is full of food in the morning. One of the best things during my trip to UK ah I miss it so much.

It is so hard to cook nice eggs with the pan at home. And did you notice the cai xin LOL. Ran out of the appropriate veggies hahaha.

Spent a lot of time preparing this meal so just let me post a few more pictures LOL.

4/9/2014, Thursday

Met C and headed to school together since we signed up for yogaerobics. My thighs hurt so bad after that LOL. It is one of the courses offered under PrettyTuff (Finally had the chance and time to try it!). Paid $30 for 5 lessons + a free shirt. Very affordable.

5/9/2014, Friday

Lab ended pretty early as well so I grabbed lunch with C. SF joined us after that. Ended up blabbering for 2h or so lolll.

6/9/2014, Saturday

Tuition in the morning, helped my aunt a bit then back to Yishun for study time with C and her sis. Not very productive but well~

Dinner at swensens and we ate a lot. Each of us had a main course, mine was some cream salmon pasta and I was kinda disappointed because it's smoked salmon :(, fried mushrooms, chicken wings and topless 5. Ended up chatting for 2h over anything and everything.

Home to drop my bag, pick the car and drove to Changi to pick my parents. Only managed to sleep at around 3 last night. Hence, I was so freaking tired today I can't think properly T_T

7/9/2014, Sunday

Went for my lessons in the morning, ate too much during lunch, almost exploded (I'm serious), downed a bottle of starbucks to keep myself awake.

I'm really tired but energised at the same time, if you get what I mean~


All the photos I took this week were.. .food,

And more food

As food is the most interesting thing I do these days.


Song of the week:

Really Don't Care by Demi Lovato

Next week will be one hell busy week. *BREATHE IN*

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