Travel: Korea XiaTian Day 2 (2014)

For convenience sake, 1 SGD = 800 KRW

Jagalchi market 
First Street

21/6/2014, Saturday

Good morning! I believe we settled our breakfast at the convenience store. That particular Tuna Mayo Onigiri is the bomb. It's super good and those in Seoul can never match up to it? 

Since we had some time before meeting the rest, we dropped by Daiso and a shopping mall behind the station.

Credit: Yue

Credit: Yue

The mall was the place we discovered... Churros story. 

That's the first Churros I had and it's so goodddddd. 

Cream cheese Churros, KRW 2,900 ($3.625)

PS, tried chocolate and milk but I still love cream cheese the most. 

Bought my useless luggage from that mall. It's overpriced and breaking apart? I don't have a choice then as we were flying to Jeju the next day. PS, it made it back with me. 

Dropped my luggage off at the motel before heading out to meet the rest of the group. 
Our first stop of the day is:

Credit: Yue 

Jagalchi Market (자갈치시장)

Haeundae Station > Jagalchi Market (자갈치시장)
By subway, Jagalchi station exit 10
More info on how to go etc here

Jagalchi market is something like Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul. It is basically a wholesale seafood center. You can get good and cheap seafood (do check the selling prices before purchasing).

Credit: Yue

Credit: Yue

Credit: Yue

I really don't know which store is good or reasonably priced. There's just too many to choose from.

It started drizzling; hence, we headed indoors.

Our first 'order' was from a store located at the entrance. Well, I use order because we abandoned our 'purchases' after walking further in.

Credit: Yue

We got all of our seafood from this store.

Our order

The owners are pretty nice and we managed to get our point across despite the communication barrier. 

After choosing, we were directed upstairs and your basket of seafood would be cooked/prepared according to your preference. We were only charged for the preparation of the fish iirc. (~KRW 4,000, $5)

I didn't have much because of the damn allergy - I don't want diarrhea/rashes during the trip. 
But I tried some of the more.. exotic ones. 

Like live octopus KRW 5,000 ($6.25)


Round worms wtf (the reddish things at the back) KRW 10,000 ($12.50)

Sea urchins KRW 10,000 iirc ($12.50)

Frankly speaking, octopus taste pretty good (probably due to the dressing), round worm is chewy and weird, sea urchins are quite disappointing and raw abalone is erm weird. I still like my food cooked.

Paid around KRW 13,000 - 15,000 ($16.25 - $18.75)
I don't really remember how much the meals cost because 1. we had so many meals throughout the trip and 2. I wasn't the treasurer of the day

Jalgachi Market > Nampo-dong
By walk

After yet another round of not so satisfying lunch LOL, we made our way to Nampo-dong. Did we walk there? I think so! STM 죄송합니다!

Somehow that place feels like Yi Zhong Jie in Tai Zhong. Had my first Korean street food experience there.

Credit: Yue 

Credit: Yue
Hottoek KRW 1,000 ($1.25)
Nuts inside, cinnamon sugar outside; love it!

Stopped by a food truck for more food. You can have oden and drink the soup for free. 
Oden is like fishcake skewer and it is one of my favourite food. I was on an oden-hunt with yq when we were there hahahaha.

We were really tired of walking so we visited Korean Dessert Cafe for some desserts. Luckily this store is all over Korea because it has really one of the nicer patbingsoos I've tried.

Mango Cheesecake Almond thingy 
(And again I've no idea what it is called #failmax)

Credit: Buff

Nampo-dong > First Street
By subway, Seomyeon station

Rested enough so we took the train to Seomyeon, one of the interchanges in Busan.

Did we eventually explore First Street? Hmm I really don't know. We walked around a bit, saw some traditional food stores and lots of mobile hawkers. 

It wasn't long before the rest wanna grab dinner. Yq and I weren't hungry at all so we packed some food back to the motel. 

We battled the strong wind and rain while we were on our way home. We had to grab the sides of our umbrellas to prevent it from flapping up/flying away. It felt like we're trapped in some typhoon or something but the rest of the Koreans were like 'what drama is this two girls in' LOL.

They didn't even sway A BIT. But we are soaked and brolly threatened to break/fly away any moment.


Kimbap, KRW 2,000 ($2.50), Makgeolli KRW 1.500 ( Onigiri, KRW 800 ($1)

We are pretty obsessed with onigiris, if you can't tell. Btw I bought spam, luncheon meat, instead of my favourite tuna mayo :'(

So the rest of our night was spent watching roommate, drinking Makgeolli (which is pretty good) and eating kimbap/onigiri. 
It was pretty mundane and normal - minus the fact that our toilet bowl clogged since morning -.-

Went to bed at around 12+ to 1.

Before I knew it, I woke up and threw up.... into the sink. *I need that depressed emoji here*

It was alcohol, seaweed and rice, half digested. Too much info...?

The first thing that came to my mind was: My alcohol tolerance sucks. I am drunk after 2 tiny cups of makgeolli? Ok la vomit out jiu ok le.

But boy I was so wrong.

I cleaned up the sink, and it took me long enough to wash everything down -.-, brushed my teeth and plopped into bed.

Time check: 2.12am.

Closed my eyes for less than 5 mins and I'm up again, searching frantically for a bag to contain my second wave.

And third..

And forth..

And fifth..


Until I lost count. Perhaps 8-10 times? It was just water and bile at the end T w T
I ended up squatting/sleeping in the toilet because running around the room was just too exhausting.

The next thing I know, 5.30am; time for everyone to wake up. And I've not slept fml.
Slight tummy ache so I pop the bao ji wan.

So the very confused me left 3 bags full of puke in the motel. I really don't know what happened but well I blame it on the cold spam (luncheon meat) I had for dinner. That's the only thing I ate and yq didn't.

From that day onwards, I'll cringe a little when I see spam wtf. I'll make sure my luncheon meat is burnt before I eat it.

The end of my a-little-too-much-details account.