Food: Free Food Day @ Westgate

7/8/2014, Thursday 

Met the girls to use the CapitalLand vouchers we received from winning the amazing race say 1 year ago?

And what's better than spending it on food and desserts?

Alighted at Westgate and we had our lunch at Tim Ho Wan.

Tim Ho Wan (Westgate)
3 Gateway Drive #01-13/14
Westgate, Jurong East
Singapore 608532
Tel: 6686 2000
Website: Here

Operating hours:
11.00am – 10.00pm (Monday  – Friday)
9.00am – 10.00pm (Sat/Sun and Public Holiday)
Last Order @ 0930pm.


It was slightly after lunchtime (~1pm) so the crowd wasn't that bad. We did not have to wait for a seat.

My virgin Tim Ho Wan experience.

Food variety is a tad limited though, prices usually range between $4.50-$6 per plate.

And of course, we ordered the signature cha siew bao.

Signature Cha Siew Bao ($4.50)

I love the skin/outer layer. It is crispy yet soft at the same time. I kinda like the meat in it too as they did not use a lot of fatty meat. 

Har Gow ($5.50)

I find the skin a little too thick for my liking

Shrimp Chee Chong Fun ($5.50)

Skin is again too thick and not smooth enough. 

Lotus Rice ($5)

There's nothing really special about this. Dumplings taste better imo.

Siew Mai ($5)

I think the siew mai is not bad though. It is really chewy and you can taste the whole prawn/shrimp in it. 

Beancurd Skin with Shrimp ($5.50)

This is quite tasty as well. It is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

That's pretty much it. Paid $52.95 and it's rather filling. You should give the chili a try too. 

I will only come back for the cha siew bao as the rest is pretty standard. It wouldn't be my to-go place for dimsum though as the variety is really limited. 

Walked around after lunch and I got my yami yogurt! Peach is still my favourite flavour. 

Yami Yogurt, Medium ($3.90)

We went on a dessert-hunting spree with the remaining $50 voucher. 

Paul (Westgate)
3 Gateway Drive, Westgate
Singapore 605832
Tel: 6369 9080
Website: Here

Operating hours:
10am - 10pm daily

I've always wanted to give Paul a try. Their pastries/bread look so good! French names are hard so I'll name them on my own lol. 

Lemon tart ($6.40)

Too sweet for my liking, too sour for the rest.

Hightea set ($12.90 + $2 for hot chocolate)
- 2 mini macarons, 1/2 chocolate cake, 1 mini-sized creme brulee and 1 hot chocolate

Mini macaron (light brown) taste like fa gao according to the rest. I think the macaron is decent. 
The rest is nothing fantastic. Hot chocolate is really rich. 

Rasberry macaron milkshake ($9.80)

This is probably my favourite out of everything. The sweetness of the rasberry macaron blends in perfectly with the milkshake. 

Strawberry something ($7.30)

Obviously it is not called strawberry something but I really can't recall the name of this dessert. It is a very messy dish. There is probably no way to cut this without everything falling apart. I don't really like the 'burnt' taste though. 

Le Grand Macaron, Chocolate ($6.90)

Grand macaron is the giant macaron on the right. The left is the mini version of it (which is not really mini!) The macaron tasted more like chocolate cake. I think the size changed the texture of the macaron. Some people might like it, some people don't. 

Total bill was about $53. 

Company of the day :)

Took a photo and edited using the photo booth in Westgate. We are pretty good at editing, can you tell? You might spot this us on the digital tree located in Westgate.

Thanks singxplore for the good food we had today.
We did top up a little... say $1 each? ;p