DIY: Corner Bookmarks

Instead of spending all my travelling time on cyberspace, I've decided to read instead. I don't usually read but the book marathon I had on the last night in Korea sparked my interest.

I really cannot stand dog ear or the conventional bookmarks (as they tend to fall out). So I combed through Pinterest and found corner bookmarks!

They are so easy to make and you can put some of your creative juices to good use.

I referred to Tallystreasury's and made some changes on my own.

Let's start!

You will need: 
1. Stock papers ($1.50/50mg from Popular Bookstore)
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Black marker
5. Rough papers

#1: Heart corner bookmark

1) Draw a 2.5x2.5" square on a piece of rough paper. Repeat at two sides to form an L shape.

2) Draw two diagonal lines on the outer squares, then half a diagonal and a semi-circle (Basically follow the top left square) 

3) Proceed to cut, you will get this shape:

This is the template you will use to trace on your stock paper. Making a template is an excellent idea because you do not have to keep measuring if you are making a lot of the same design. 

4) Trace it on your stock paper. I chose red for my heart

5) Cut out a 2.5x2.5" square in another colour to provide some contrast. 

6) Glue it on

7) Score your stock paper by running a scissors/anything sharp along the place you are intending to fold. 
This will prevent it from creasing. Remember to use a ruler and be careful not to cut it. 

8) Fold and apply glue on the lower piece.
Press together and use some weight to let it set properly.


Optional: You can write a short message/inspirational quote behind 

I made this for one of my dear friends and I hope she will like it :D 

#2: Penguin corner bookmark

Surprise surprise... not. This is obviously mine ya because I'm kinda obsessed with this fluffy little animal.

Template for this is rather similar to the one we used for the heart bookmark but it is easier to form. 

1) Again, each square measures approximately 2.5x2.5". 

2) Cut the labelled regions and follow step 4-8 mentioned above.
(I omitted step 5 because I want to add a belly this baby ^^)

3) On another piece of white paper, trace out the shape of the bookmark. The diagonal line represent the flap/opening. 
Mark the center of the line with a PENCIL

4) Sketch your penguin out
If you're not artistically inclined, I feel you T.T, find a template online, put it in paint (or photoshop in my case), change the size until it fits in your square, put your piece of paper over your screen and sketch it out.

If your paper is very thick, use a tracing paper. It is ok to use recycled papers for this (unless you are damn anal)

1. Make sure your penguin fits inside the box you drew in step 3
2. Try to align the beak and the center of the penguin to the midpoint you marked in step 3

I got my template here:

Credit: Here

5) Cut them out and glue. Keep in mind to cut along the opening line and glue them on separately. 
I cut a thin L-shape strip and attached it to the top flap only. My penguin's scarf! 

You will get something like this:

6) Trace out the beak on any orange/yellow paper (I used an ad I received).
Cut and glue it on

7) Draw in the eyes with a black marker and voila! 

You can make other animals as well if penguin is not your thing (I don't understand why though). 
A perfect gift for your bookworm friends!

I might try out other designs if I have the necessary materials. You can request for one if you know me personally.    

Have fun!
~ Thanks for reading ~