2014 Sunday Weekly Bites $35

Gonna skip a couple of days because they are just too boring.

27/8/2014, Wednesday

Met Ape and Yue for dinner @ Empire State.

It's so hard to find decent Western meals in Woodlands. :( Carbonara wasn't great. Pizza was ok. I miss Mr. Pizza~

Lucy with macaron chat people LOL. Yeah that's easier to address them. 

I like the Astro part! Brings back a whole lot of good memories - like the time we lay on bed memorising Astro together, asking one another questions and taking selfie. 

Anyway, it wasn't as bad as what some people said. 
Not the best either. But decent enough for science nerd~

30/8/2014, Friday

Work for Soyato event in the morning-noon. I enjoy work like this. I've not had their ice-creams for a while so I kinda forgot how good they are. I need them in my fridge, now. 

And then I headed back to school for the last lecture of week 3. LAB AGAIN NEXT WEEK SIGH. 
I like lab but I really don't like doing report. Extremely draining. 

Yeah gonna do my thang and watch more food videos on Youtube. 

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