2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #34

Hello! *Take out my planner LOL*

Here I am writing another week of my life. Still in the midst of getting used to everything - my lectures, extra early classes and random stuff going on in my life. 

My life is pretty much the same every single week; I try my best to include something 'interesting' or 'different' in my everyday's life. 

18/8/2014, Monday

School. Korean food at quadz with chemigalzzzz then yoga. Napped my afternoon away, if you're wondering. 

19/8/2014, Tuesday

Second 8.30am lesson *pat back* then I went to shop a bit and got some stuff : x

20/8/2014, Wednesday

Quite a productive day - followed my to-dos of the day like a hawk. Tim drove me to school for welcome tea organised by toastmasters and then back. I need more friends who drive (and stays in Woodlands).

21/8/2014, Thursday 

Drove to school, caught in a jam, ended up late so... I went to school for a 30 min lecture.
Waited for my popa for about 3.5h and I used that time to finish a book. It's quite a good read. 

Oh ya, my bookmark still falls off (in fact, more easily) -.- Need to do something to save my penguin!
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22/8/2014, Friday

First lab of the semester and thank god it was a fast one. Went for lunch and had my first meal in can B. Skipped the afternoon lecture and I need to watch it later. 

And I napped my whole afternoon away. Give me some time to readjust my body~. 

23/8/2014, Saturday

Routine, 10am-2pm. And spent the rest of the day on youtube watching tons of videos.

24/8/2014, Sunday

Usual 11-5pm thing, came home and cooked dinner. Parents packed kway chap home ^^
And here I'm clearing the SOTW after a very filling dinner. 

End of compo

I have no new photos to post this week. Well, except my lab work photos and .....

A freaking closeup selfie. Took this in the washroom to show you how bad one of my eyeliners is but it's not obvious on the camera. I literally looked like a panda that day (in school T_T). 
PS, I only use mascara when I'm heading out because it is a chore to remove. You feel me???

I don't like close up selfies. It's... eerieeeee.
But something is better than nothing.

结巴 by 嚴爵&郭雪芙