2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #33

11/8/2014, Monday

Holiday thanks to National Day ^^ Went for lessons before walking to SSC for the legendary bai mee fen.

We ordered medium to share and it was more than enough to feed two. I like the sauce! Sambal fan shu ye was not bad as well. I've been craving for spicy food recently but my throat is not recovering :(

Will go back again but I still love my sanlou mee fen the most.

Attended my first yoga lesson after 2 months. It was.... too much for me. T w T
My shoulders&arms&body ached for a good 2-3 days. Need to press on and work harder.

12/8/2014, Tuesday

First lesson of the semester. 8.30am lesson. I wonder how many 8.30am lessons will I go for. I hope they will implement the shuttle bus soon.

Waited for Tim and grabbed lunch from food republic?

It's good to be in the same school again ^^

13/8/2014, Wednesday

No school day! Woke up really late and slept my whole afternoon away.
No more next time. I should really make full use of all the time I have now.

14/8/2014, Thursday

Travelled all the way to school for an hour lecture.
Travelling time was about 3h to and fro. This is probably the best sem to stay in hall sighz.

15/8/2014, Friday

Rained so self-proclaimed off day. Don't worry I wouldn't be skipping anymore lessons *fingers crossed*

I can't anyway as I've lab on Fri and probably joining some class on Thursday. We will see.

16/8/2014, Saturday

Usual 10-2pm routine. Was really late for class because there was a terrible jam.

Had my cheese bokki for dinz! But I am down with flu so I can't taste anything! Wasted.

I need to stock up on my Korean nomnoms. I miss all the junk I ate over there.

17/8/2014, Sunday

Today's the 11-5pm routine. I've a lot of things to clear tonight!

Side notes:

1. Week 1 is down. I'm elective-less (Dropping spanish). Should I take the online mod/summer research?
If I take the summer research, I will have a grand total of 9 AUs this sem. Single digit AU scares me.

2. Cooked dinner a couple of nights ago.

The garlic shrimps were good but I was kinda running low on shrimps so ya. And the fish has nothing to do with me. I ought to learn how to handle one soon.

3. Did some random DIY like...

Washi taped my cotton pad holder

Actually I washi taped a lot of my stationery because I like things in pencil case to be polka-dotted. 

4. Painted my nails with this Taupe colour. I don't usually paint my nails because I'm really impatient.

I love neutrals on my nails as they feel really clean and sophisticated. Moreover, this colour is very forgiving and it is relatively easy to paint on.

Colour is BE103 from Nature Republic.
I got it before University so this polish is 3 years old? Hence, I'm not sure whether this colour is still available or not. Anyway, I got this when I was in KL; pretty sure it was below SGD $2.
Still working, not great but at least it's not too tacky or something. NR has really good nail polishes and I wonder why I didn't picked any up when I was in Korea :/

Oh I'm too lazy to take a photo of the colour so I used the photo I took a year ago. Apparently I love this colour every Aug-Sept.

5. Finished 步步惊情 (Scarlet Heart 2). It is good show with some unexpected twists here and there. They made choices I cannot understand hmmm.

Spoiler ahead......


At least it is a good ending. I will die if they ended like scenario 1/2.

Don't think I will watch Bu Bu Jing Xin (Scarlet Heart) any time soon because I think it will be very depressing. (kinda know the ending from part 2) I really don't like sad endings.

6. This week's repeat:

不具名的悲伤 by Show Luo

雨不停 by 陈思函
(don't know who she is not somehow this song sounds familiar)

Really like the OSTs from Scarlet Heart 2 too but I listening to them kinda makes me sad #weirdweird

That's all for my weekly report~

I wonder when. It has been bugging me for the longest time ever hmm.