2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #32

This week is very foodful LOL.
Spent the week meeting a lot of people and eating, a lot. 

4/8/2014, Monday

Favourite kind of breakfast yooo!

I miss this so much. It's not from the usual store but any fried bee hoon in the morning is still good.

Waited for the deliveries to come before heading out for Ju-on 3.

I know a lot of people said it sucks and all but Ju-on is my childhood LOL. Cannot miss it. 
I still think the mother is creepy. 
Free movie, courtesy of ecocontest.

Didn't go for yoga because of my backache.

5/8/2014, Tuesday

Where did I go/what did I do? This is what happen when I did not record my day~

6/8/2014, Wednesday

Met cy and yq for bkt lunch. One sg food craving down!

It was at the food market beside Chinese Garden MRT station. Not the best but decent enough. I like the fact that the store is more hygienic than others. 

Desserts at a Ji De Chi, Jurong Point. 

BKT ($5) and Mango Shaved ice ($5.50) 

Followed them back to school when I'm absolutely nothing to do there lol. #wastetransportmoneh 

Went for 7th month dinner with my dad and drove home afterwards. Chauffeur every time my dad drinks. 
So I ended up missing the first sg gathering with the skku peeps :(
Next time!

7/8/2014, Thursday

The day we met the girls for free food LOL. Blogged about the experience here
Miss those days when we get to hang out a lot. :/ 

8/8/2014, Friday

Half SKKU strength for Shiok maki. My first time trying it #whatsnew hahaha. 

It was pretty yummy but the wait was really long. More about it in a separate post. 

Fareast and found a Korean mart. Luckily I didn't lug 10 cups of cheesebokki back. They are reasonable priced except for things like chopsticks ($4 per pair!!!) and soju ($15!!!). You seriously don't have to buy a lot of food back with all the Korean marts around. 

Spam the skincare/cosmetics/masks instead!

Walked around + more food before parted. Oh I got my mooncake festival bottle from Starbucks latest collection. Yay I love it a lot!

Should I get the cup too? It's freaking cute as well. 

Made my way to Chinatown for more local food! No chompchomp but at least I got chinatown. 

Claypot rice, Veg, fried kway tiao, popiah (the auntie forgot my chili T_T), carrot cake, BBQ chicken wings and chee kway nom nom.

I really like food markets because there's a lot of food to choose from (and they are very reasonably priced) and it's just so Singapore. Plus, zichar style dinner is always my favourite with this bunch of people ^^ BECAUSE GOT PEOPLE SCOOP RICE/KIAP VEG FOR ME LOLLL.

Explored Chinatown like some local tourists and settled for hot fudge sundae because the dessert store was packed to the brim.

I enjoyed myself~

9/8/2014, Saturday

Happy birthday my dear sunny island. No matter how much I grumbled, this is the only place I call home. I really love national day - you can literally feel everyone as one. No race, no religion, just pure Singaporeans.

Continue to prosper and I will protect you like how you've protected my family and I <3

10/8/2014, Sunday

Usual routine.
Napped like a pig before waking up to really late dinner and 49days. That's a really good show so watch it if you have not!

Sidetrack a bit.

1. Did a lot of kitchen work this week.

Butter pound cake 

Used some lousy butter and it didn't taste as fragrant as it is supposed to. It is still acceptable though!

Cauliflower pizza. 

Didn't add flour so the 'dough' is way too soft. Mashed cauliflower taste like mashed potatoes!

Egg tarts

Under baked the shells so they weren't as crispy as expected. Not bad for the first attempt!

2. My back/butt doesn't hurt anymore. Gonna rest for another day before embarking on my regime again~

3. I've been really diligent when it comes to blogging. *pats back*
New posts on the way!

4. Currently listening to... a lot of Korean songs lol. Thanks buff for influencing me.

여자대통령(Female President)  by Girl's Day

Girl's Day is a girl band I really like. 기대하 (Expectation) is another good song. Quite rare for me to like a band, especially Korean. They are very pretty and hot too hahaha. 

And if you're having a bad day, watch this:

어이(Uh-ee) by Crayon Pop

They are so cute ^^