2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #31

28/7/2014, Monday

Landed in my sunny island that night. So happy to be home. Family came to pick me up (I'm finally free from my barang barang) and we went home for homecooked dinner. Fish and vegs, I miss you so.

And we unpacked the Korean loots.

29/7/2014, Tuesday 

Major packing day. Everything is in a mess due to the reno and the new additions.
Erm it still is but at least I sorted most of my things.

And surprisingly, I think I bought more stuff from TW than from Korea?

Dinner that day was one pot food - throw anything in and boil. I really want some right now! My teeth hurts :(

30/7/2014, Wednesday

Packing in the day before heading out to meet dearest for dinner & waffles. The first SG food I had: Wanton mee. I feel like I'm a cow recently. EAT AND EAT.

31/7/2014, Thursday

Woke up late for gym with Kai so I went alone. At least I did something like 40mins of exercise LOL.

Freshened up before meeting lt for lunch. Seafood pasta! Jiang zhen de it is one of my fav pastas in the world.

Woodlands CC after lunch to collect my last 5.7kg! It actually reached SG way before I land.

Then I spent the rest of my day at home trying not to scratch the mini rashes wtf.

And oh dinner

1/8/2014, Friday

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we ended up in town eating Grilled chicken rice, churros and Koi. I am glad I dragged myself out to meet them!

Churros from Spanish Donuts is really quite delicious.


2/8/2014, Saturday and 3/8/2014, Sunday

Back to my old routine - teach.

Dinner last night was Spag aglio olio.
Accidentally added too much garlic (like 250 ml container full of garlic) and even more spag. I need to cook more before my hands are preoccupied with pens and keyboard again.

My back/hips/butt hurts when I walk. I can't even pinpoint the exact spot and I don't remember how I hurt myself. Hmm it is during my nap?

So now I can't walk properly and my wisdom tooth hurts like crap too. T _ T
Feel like I'm teething like a dog.