[Sponsored Review]: Collection Primed and Ready Makeup Primer

The heat every summer is insane. A short 5-10 mins walk to the bus interchange makes me sweat like crazy. It is irritating as my makeup tends to melt and my face is damn oily in just a few hours.

What's the point of spending all the time in front of the mirror when it's all gone in a few hours right!! 
That's why every girl needs a primer in her make up collection. 

collection primed and ready primer review
Collection Primed and Ready Makeup Primer
What: Primer
Size: 18 mL
Finish: Velvet and silky finish
Smell: Nil
Price: $16.90
Where to get: Selected Watsons stores, BHG, newly renovated BHG Bugis and Collection pop-up 
store in Cineleisure, Level 2
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No ingredient list is given but I believe this is a silicon-based primer 

How I use it:

1. Basic cleansing and skincare 
2. Apply a thin layer, remember a little goes a long way
3.Wait for it to dry completely before starting on my base make up

Note: You can wear it alone or under foundation

Promises to:

1. Light coverage for a flawless complexion and a noticeably natural finish.
2. Minimizes pore problems
3. Smooth uneven skin
4. Hides unsightly blemishes


The pink metallic words stand up against the black squeeze tube.

collection primer review
Clear, silicon texture! 

It is easy to use but I find the amount of product per tube is very little. It will most likely run out very soon as I've been using it almost daily.  Collection can consider launching a larger tube of primer instead.

Stars: ★


No obvious or strong scent.

Stars: ★

Right after application

It does not take long to dry. In fact, I really like the velvet and silky finish after application. It did a decent job with lines and my pores. To demonstrate this, I applied the primer on my wrinkly hand.

primed and ready review

The lines ain't as obvious as it was.

My base/bb cream glides on so easily. No apparent change in colour of my skin tone or things like that.

Stars: ★


Dries with a velvet, smooth finish. It doesn't look like you've anything on but it is so so silky if you run your hand over it. It gives me a matt look with a subtle glow from within. (of course that's with my trusty BB cream).

Stars: ★

Lasting test

My day:
10am - make up 
11-3pm - tuition
3-9pm - outdoor work (last night was probably the most humid day in my whole entire life, I swear. I was sweating so much and the outlet was flooded with customers)
9-11.20pm - Mac supper/chitchat session

And I only managed to reach home at around 11.40pm or something?
THAT'S A GOOD 13HR. Touched up my makeup (aka wipe sweat + powder) at 9pm before meeting the peeps.

My before and after photos look almost identical. After 13h of hardwork/play it is inevitable to look disheveled. Hence, I am only showing you the after! Yes, the not so well-groomed one.

Here's my tired face! Please just focus on how matt my skin looks.

primed and ready review

I did a poor job in concealing my dark circles please bear with me! No edit on colour or skin or lighting. 

My make up is at the very least visible at the end of the day.

It keeps my face decent despite the weather and long working hours. I don't look like I went running at the end of the day.

Having said that, some oxidation and shine is observed after 5-6 hours. It is more prominent around my T-zone, especially my nose.

Stars: ★★.5☆ (4.5/5)


I remove my make up like how I normally would, that is with a make up cleanser > facial cleanser > clarifying toner for my skin and a water-based make up cleanser around my eye.  Make sure you remove everything thoroughly! 

Stars: ★★.5☆ (4.5/5)

Skin condition

So far so good. No breakouts or allergies. Thorough removal is critical if you do not wish to clog all your pores. 5 stars since my skin likes it.

Stars: ★

The Verdict

This is the first primer and it did not disappoint. It works reasonably well in terms of oil control as well as the lasting power. The primer managed to fill up my pores and any fine lines on my face. I like to use it when I know I'm out all day long as I don't have to touch up as much. It is also reasonably priced;  You can consider picking this one up if you're new to the whole primer thing. However, I find the amount of product per tube is rather little. It will run out in no time if one uses it everyday. I don't know how good the high-end primers are but I'm really quite satisfied with Primed and Ready. This is one of my summer essentials right now!

Rating: 9.5/10
Repurchase again