2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #25

Hello from Korea!
I'm a day late for my Sunday Weekly Bites because I was exploring Busan, Jeju island to be exact. 

Spent the first part of my week settling my work/tuition stuff.
I had fun at work, especially with A and C. The people there are nice and occasionally nice chats with customers. 

Met my chemigalz for dinner on Wednesday. 

Little Hero for burger > Island Creamery for desserts 

Flew off on Thursday night. Prior to that, we had our family dinner at Paradise Inn (photos are not with me though). 

Passed them a fraction of my holiday pay too!

Touched down at Busan on Friday morning. Everything is well, pretty decent to date. Met many hiccups along the way but they were really not toooo bad.

Can't wait to see how my place looks like in a few days' time! 

Good night angels gonna wake up at 2am tomorrow for my full day Jeju tour. :D