2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #24

It's Sunday again!! Leaving for won in 4 days' time!! Okay the exclamation marks used are overrated as I don't really feel excited yet. I still have to work, meet my friends and pack.

I shall omit work and tuition stuff.

9/6/2014, Monday

Last Yoga lesson before I fly. Thankful I decided to go for it with xy about a year ago. Yoga stretches not only my body but also my mind. I'm still learning, I'm still discovering. Every pose I perfect is a little milestone in my life. Monday's yoga day! Cannot stop even when I'm not attending lessons! (I hope)

10/6/2014, Tuesday

Met Crystal with the intention of stuffing our faces with siew mai and har gao but the dimsum place was closed. Hopped over to NEX and found a really nice Jap pasta place for lunch! So gonna go back when I'm back.

I honestly wasn't playing attention to the name of the dishes etc as I was freaking hungry. I would have jumped right in without a pre-meal shoot if Crystal is not around LOL. If you're interested, check Kabe no ana @ NEX for more details.

Managed to settle some of won's stuff after that.

11/6/2014, Wednesday

Both sis and I forgot our keys LOL. Luckily mom to the rescue.

Baked after my work and stuff and chocolate chip muffins turned out decent. In fact, they are probably the best thing I've made thus far. :D

12/6/2014, Thurday

Met Nana for manicure (WHICH CHIPPED WTF) and hair cut. I like how the manicurist shapes my nails. I've squarish nails sot I really like round nails. #I'monlyhuman

I've bangs again and surprisingly it is less warm than fringe? What sorcery is this?

13/6/2014, Friday

Had a really good day at work. I was sweating like some crazy 10km marathon runner but it was so worth it. I'm the 敬业乐业 kind, if you can't tell.

Meet my dearests after so so long.
Conclusion: Tim and I have no fate. Arranged to meet on bus but I boarded the first one he boarded the second one LOL. Even after calling to confirm.
Conclusion 2: It is impossible not to have fun with them.
Conclusion 3: No matter how much they changed, they are still the same 13 year old kids I met 8 years ago.

15/6/2014, Saturday

You know, spend some free time catching up on my dramas!
Currently watching Bel Ami (can't load cause Internet was really slow), Doctor Stranger and Roommates.

Attempted to pack too.

And you know, remind myself what I can't buy, excessively wtf.

16/6/2014, Sunday

Change of plans so ended up in gym with pigong. It's quite fun! There's a free 100 dollars credit when you sign up for activesg account so that means entrance is free! Go sign up if you haven't!

I don't mind going again to of course to shed some more fats before my won trip. I hope no muscle ache tomorrow. Anyone interested too?

Ears' favourite this week: