2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #23


Well, my week was you know, pretty mundane. All I did was work, work and more work.
How interesting.

Changed branch last Friday so I'm officially working at 888. The nearest job I have ever. Missing chongpang's peeps and chairs but well it is not bad here. At least I've A with me most of the time hehehe.

I can almost count down to the day I fly. And the day reno starts. So glad I don't have to go through the 'temporary toilet', 8am drilling and dust all over the place.
But at the same time I feel bad for leaving my fam alone to deal with it. Well well.

Sat was well-spent. Hmm managed to nap, had some me-time (to draft blogposts LOL) and attended ht's 21st. Happy advance birthday ^^

Really hope I can meet the people before I leave.
Okay that's all for today. Need to sleep now if not I don't know how I can survive 12h of work and whatsnot for the next few days.