2014 Sunday Weekly Bites #22

Hello! Yet another week passed, just like that. Life is pretty good except the sucky gpa this semester. I've been working for a while and it has been really easy. Can't say super duper fun but it's not too bad haha. 

Best things about work are 1. I get to work with Crystal/we spent a lot of time talking to her

2. I get to eat Hot Fudge Sundae everyday! I don't know why the sudden craze but it's hell good. 

Met my kor roommates/housemates for the first time. Can't wait for the trip now! It seems like it will a lot of fun :D 

TGIF spent at home watching roommates + xmen. Movie was not bad, not much action but the plot is pretty nice. Had a bad day so cheered myself up with a cup of hot fudge sundae and wintermelon milk tea. Bubble tea is probably the most sinful treat I give myself. I love bubble teas so much!!

Came home to a parcel from TSS! Finally a power bank. I've been living without one since forever.

It was a surprise package and I'm so thankful!

BUTZ, I don't know how to use it at all. I can't charge my phone with it? Yeap I will try to figure it out again : |

Sat was Ape's 21st and Sun was baby's 1st month! I held him in my arms whoop so small and vulnerable. Need to buy more cute stuff for baby :D:D

Will be more busy from the next week onwards but everything will be worth it!
I guess I end with the same kind of thing every single week hahahaa.