Year 2

Well well, who finally advanced to senior year? I'm done with Year 2. I'm glad I'm a little wiser than I used to be, I'm glad I've created new and wonderful memories here.

Semester 2 ended on a good note; although it was bad prior to the papers. I had on average a day to study for most of the papers but it's all over now. I'm good. What's done is done and all I've to do now is wait for the arrival of my GPA. Some increment pretty please?

I should repay my sleep debts (and exercise debts) tonight but post-exams adrenaline is keeping me going. Mentally awake but physically worn out. Hence, I did what I can - planted myself in front of the TV, cooked and stared at a blank post page thinking what to write.

2 more days to my birthday party and I've truckloads of things to do. Cheers.
I'm not complaining. I'm happy X.