[Sponsored Review]: Essential Sleeping Hair Mask + Day Leave on Serum

Essential is so spot on with its name. It is definitely essential in my, and a lot of my friends', life. I picked up my first bottle of Essential shortly after it launched a few years back. I mean, it so so pretty, smells yummy and very affordable. My bathroom never runs out of it from then onwards. I've probably 4-5 treatments, 2 hair masks and 2 serums unused. It's my savior you see.

JUST IN CASE you've never heard or tried Essential (well have you been living in a cave), Essential is a popular haircare brand for damaged hair from Japan. 
Understanding the needs of Singaporean girls and their damaged care woes, Essential has a wide range of products to help repair and care for damaged hair. 

So I'm so happy when Essential sent me their latest product - sleeping mask! 
Yes you heard me, sleeping mask, for your hair. 

Essentials Treatment Milk
What: Sleeping hair mask
For: Damaged hair, unmanageable & rough hair in the morning
Smell: Typical Essential scent, nice
Texture: Cream
Size: 100 mL
Made in: Japan
Price: $11.90
Where to get: Leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, 
western pharmacies and personal care stores 

How I use:
1. Split clean hair into half
2. Apply about 2 pumps to each side
3. Twirl each sides in (to maintain my curls LOL)
4. Sleep!

I've pretty long and thick hair I use quite a bit. Use an appropriate amount for your hair will do. 
I like to use it on semi-dry hair

Things to note:
1. Can be used on dry or damp hair
2. Concentrate from mid-length down. 
3. No need to rinse off
4. Apply it before you sleep, not when you wake up.

My saviour, AGAIN.

I move so much when I'm sleeping (probably fighting a war in my dream). Tossing and turning causes air to rub against the pillow, creating friction. We call such friction caused by the pillow as Pillow Friction. As a result, hair cuticles open up unevenly, causing hair to be rough, frizzy and tangled. 

And there you have it - your hair is officially Pillow Damaged

Bed hair is sexy if you look like some Victoria Secret model. Hmm I guess 'messy and crazy' are better adjectives to describe me hahaa. 

If you know me well enough, I don't wash my hair in the morning. Ugh it's just impossible. I've to wake up even earlier (my beauty sleep!) and then it takes forever to dry. So no. 
Plus the fact that I permed my hair 3 weeks back so.... welcome frizzy hair! Erm the curls straightened out ya hahaha #wastemoney. More about that in a separate post. 

Badluck jl has to deal with two major criminals every day.

It's really bad because my hair stylist almost pulled my hair off when she tried to detangle my locks wtf. 

My experience:

Day 0 - Nothing!

frizzy long hair

Tell you already, frizzy! 

It's kinda sad to see my hair in this state

My house's very dark so please bear with it

Day 10, after using

A bit messy but it's fine after combing



Comes in a pump form, easy to use!

Stars: ★


Typical Essential scent. It has been so many years but I'm still loving the scent a lot! 

Stars: ★


It's not oily on hair but it is slightly sticky right after applying. I don't like the cream a lot leaves a layer of something on my hand. It makes application less fuss-free. 

Stars: ★

Instant results

It makes my hair really smooth and shiny hahaha! I forgot to take an 'after-application' photo but trust me, it's really shiny and smells so good. I was staring at my hair (using my iphone screen) the night before my 2041 paper haha. Ended up with only 2h of sleep that day but it's really soft and silky hehe.

Stars: ★

Long-term results

From messy and dry to some shine (Refer to day 10 photo), I think it is working well. 不必多说 (No need to say anymore)

Stars: ★

The Verdict:

I like what it is doing to my hair - before I sleep and when I wake up. I don't rave after how much I love my Essential hair treatment because I don't have to! It's that's good. Essential supporters, what are you waiting for? Please note that I still prefer oil or water based products, especially water because I don't have to dirty my hands hahaha. 

Rating: 9/10
Repurchase: Most likely

Redeem your sample from their Facebook page

Anyway, after I wake up, I will use it's newly-released day serum.
24-h protection!!

essential day hair serum review

Essentials Leave on Day Serum
What: Day Serum
For: Damaged hair, unmanageable & rough hair in the morning
Smell: Typical Essential scent, nice
Texture: Oil
Size: 60 mL
Made in: Japan
Price: $11.90
Where to get: Leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, 
western pharmacies and personal care stores 

How I use:
1. Split clean hair into half
2. Apply about 2 pumps to each side
3. Twirl each sides in (to maintain my curls LOL)

Same as my night hair routine. I will only apply it if I'm going out

Things to note:
1. Can be used on dry or damp hair
2. Concentrate from mid-length down. 
3. No need to rinse off
4. Apply after you wake up


Pump packaging, easy to use! (seems silly to repeat twice)

Stars: ★


Travel-friendly! I am still fretting over which hair moisturiser to bring for my trip and viola! Problem solved! You can drop it in your handbag and reapply throughout the day. I don't advise it though! You'll probably end up looking like you desperately need a hair wash. However, since it is quite small, it will run out pretty quickly if you use it regularly.

Stars: ★


It's oil but it is so light. No greasy hair after using

Stars: ★

Instant results

Shiny, manageable hair. Makes my locks look so healthy. You probably can't tell the shine part because my mirror is so dirty + my phone's camera is not working well anymore :( Nonetheless, it looks tamed right! There's Sun protection too so it's a double plus point!

Stars: ★

Prolong use

*flips hair like Pantene ad*

Stars: ★

The Verdict

I like hair oil in the morning/day. Use a little to smooth and tame any frizzy or messy hair. Instant boost with a sleek finish. 

Rating: 9/10

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Why Essential so nice one!

Without Essential, my hair will never see or 'reflect' light. 
Essential also offers products ranging from basic care items like Shampoo and Conditioner to Treatment items such as Intensive Hair Mask and Leave On Hair Treatments. 
Made with natural ingredients, Essential nourishes one’s tresses and effectively cares for damaged hair 
even up to the last 15cm, which the oldest and most damaged part of our hair. 

Essential is available in 3 variants : 
Nuance Airy – Gives hair a light and bouncy feel. Suitable for those with damaged, flat and limp hair. 
Rich Premier – Gives hair a smooth and manageable feel. Suitable for those with damaged and 
untamable hair. 
Purely Smooth - Gives hair a light and smooth finish. Suitable for those with damaged and rough hair  

*PS I have not tried Purely Smooth range, I should soon!
PS/S Essential provided by far the most detailed product info + everything I need so thank you very much! 
PS/S/S did not check grammar.spelling as I've 2 finals to mug for and I'm running out of time! Please let me know if you spot anything (I think there will be quite a bit lol)